2018 season MOTOR GAMES Support girls has been ecided MOTOR GAMES support girls will be in all events of "MOTOR GAMES" and "FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN" this season. They will cheer and support for drivers, riders and participating teams with all of fans! Also they will be on television program "MOTOR GAMES TV", etc. Please dont miss it of the new MOTOR GAMES support girls this season. 2018シーズンのMOTOR GAMES Support GIRLSが決定しました💞 MOTOR GAMES support GIRLSは今シーズンの「MOTOR GAMES」「FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN」の全イベントに登場。ファンの皆さんと一緒にドライバー、ライダー、そして出場チームを目一杯応援しちゃいます‼️ さらにテレビ番組「MOTOR GAMES TV」に出演等、選手とファンをつなぐ架け橋となるのがMOTOR GAMES support GIRLS🤗 今シーズンのMOTOR GAMES support GIRLSの活躍にご期待ください😍

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