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2018 US GP Action/Flash Points Summed Up in 10 Tweets

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As the organising committee sweep up the remnants of ticker tape, Apache helicopter fumes and that all-consuming sense of fairness in the world, Drivl looks back on the weekend of the 2018 US GP. Well, the race itself actually, as it’s Monday and I have real work to be getting on with.

An end-to-end race which saw Kimi finally securing a place in/on the upper echelons of a podium, for the first time in some 113 years. A rightful place which nobody could deny him, not even Brexit, having led the Texan procession from the first corner; after getting off the lights quicker than Driver’s Champion-elect, Lewis ‘God is the Greatest’ Hamilton. Who, incidentally came third thanks to his bosses at Mercedes completely cocking up their strategy and pitting him far too early.

Also special praise must be reserved for young Max Verstappen for a very plucky drive, which took him from the furthest reaches of the grid, to silver medal position on the winner’s rostrum come the chequered flag.

But rather than me waste your time and mine pontificating over the juicy bits in the 2018 US GP, instead Drivl has condensed the race into a series of 10 tweets which we hand-picked from the social media platform last night. I say we/I/Drivl, but you know what we/I/Drivl means.

The author shall remain anonymous, like graffiti artist, Banksy, so as to add an air of mystery and intrigue to proceedings, in spite of those who know me on Twitter are pointing the finger of suspicion towards Drivl's main man. Yeah, I wish I was THAT funny/observant.

Anyway; until Mexico, baby……

Austin Powers

10. Kimi (on winning the US GP); “Obviously I'm much happier than coming second.”

And to demonstrate just how much happier he was, may I draw you attention to the two pictures directly above. One (on the left) depicting a post-race Kimi having come first, while the other/second (on the right) captures the Finn's not quite so raw emotion after claiming second place once. You can clearly see what he means.

Listen up, yo...

9. US GP organisers (on suddenly realising that they would have to play the Finnish national anthem seconds after Kimi took the chequered flag);

“Quickly, send someone down to the Austin branch of Our Price and try and find the Finnish national anthem on 12 inch! Go! Go! GO!”

Yup. there's absolutely NOTHING to see here. Can everyone move on please.......

8. (On tuning into the pre-race build-up just in the nick of time);


Four. No, five. No, four. Ahh, fuck it. Vodka.....

7. Kimi (to Lewis in the cool-down room);

“Did you win the Championship then?”

‘No Kimi; he didn’t. Did you study maths as a subject at school??’

Beware: Max Aheadroom

6. The Last Things You Want to See Up Ahead of You on Track When You Have the Driver's Championship in Your Sights;

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

KFC Drive-Thru

Be sure to be locked into 'Drive Time with Max', every Sunday afternoon on USGP FM

5. ‘Next time round at the Mexican GP, join Max Verstappen mid-race as he casually discusses tyre choices of other drivers with his engineer, while humming along to Britney Spears on the radio.....’

(On being privy to Verstappen in conversation with his race engineer at a key juncture in the enthralling US GP, when he passes comment on Hamilton’s tyre choice).

F1 Merchandise launch brand new Stroll Tiny Tears Doll. Available from the official F1 Online Store now...

4. Alonso (having been clumsily put out of yet another GP, this time by calamity-magnet, Lance Stroll’s Williams, and subsequently asked about said incident in a post-race interview);

“No, the level is lower.”

BRILLIANT response. It's almost like he's implying that Stroll isn't good enough to drive in F1, or something.

Stroll; “Daddy!!!!! That nasty Spanish man said horrible things about me, tell him to leave me alone.”

Mysterious figure in red hood spotted in notorious late night city drinking dens...

3. Tomorrow morning's headline in the Austin Bugle;

'Austin's Vodka Reserves Suddenly Depleted Overnight: Leaves City Chiefs Baffled'

More spin than even Alastair Campbell could ever generate for Tony Blair....

2. (Tweeting about the incident involving the hot-headed Ferrari driver coming into contact with the Red Bull driver’s car within the first few corners of the race start.)

‘Whichever angle I review that Vettel incident with Ricciardo from, I can’t help but arrive at the same conclusion. That conclusion being he's a bit of a bellend.’

"If you've said all you've got to say, and now the words just slip away, just walkaway, walkaway, walkaway...."

1. (In the direct aftermath of Ricciardo parking up his electric fault-stranded Red Bull.)

“Would the driver of the dark blue Renault please move their car, as it’s currently illegally parked within the red lines outside Lidl. I repeat, could the driver of the dark blue Renault please return to their vehicle and move it away from the red painted section of the car park please. Thank you.”

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  • Betweeen Kimi's not-so-well-thought-out comment to Hamilton and him chugging Champagne I was in stitches after the race!

    1 month ago
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  • Max Verstappen wouldn't be that bad at the KFC Drive-thru counter though

    1 month ago
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