2019 EICMA through a 1965 lens

Using a fixed manual lens in a super-crowded bike exposition is utterly nonsense. That's why a did it

1y ago

The EICMA is commonly considered the most important fair in the two-wheeled known universe so it's the best place to see in the flash all the production of pretty all the companies involved in it.

And those companies are getting more and more careful in delivering the best info and media about their creations so that's really no need to try to capture a good image of a motorbik while fighting with are observators, journalists, stand structures and many other obstacles.

And with millions of smartphones ready to capture billions of photos for the social media i'm guessing the most challenging and entertaining way to look at these objects is look for the minor details and try to immortalize them.

You may notice this is a really dumb way to spend a day among some of the coolest things around but after many years you have to find something different in your approach to keep enjoying some events.

an old lens could be easily matched to a modern reflex camera through a small adapter but then you lose all the automatic features, like focus, shutter opening and more...

But on the other side you can be completely free to choose your target and how to play with it. It's cool to me to go back to a total control and to the opportunity to make mistakes and learn. Plus you get a whole range of possibilities if you're able to turn downsides into chances.

For example youcan isolate Jorge Lorenzo's puzzled look among tha fans as well as one of his helmets with some scratches from a crash.

MV Agusta fresh apples were by far the coolest gadget you can find: no paper waste but some natural boost for the endelss walk in the fair.

Speaking of boost there were other reasons to push people towards the MV stands. You may have recognized the new Brutale 1000 RUSH, that seems to be designed with rush because i think they overkilled it with special parts and details.

Don't get me wrong, it' still a wonderful accomplishment of mechanics and aestetichs with plenty of things to see and love but i wish the overall design look a little less childish...but probably that exactly what they want to reach with these kind of bikes.

On the other hand the Superveloce, which shocked me last year in its early concept form, has been presentend in its ultimate road-legal trim and it still has 90% of the drama even without the veryexpensive parts and paint of its "trailer-queen" mother.

And i'm pretty sure those who can afford such a considerable price for it wouldn't mind going for some extras in order to make it more fit to their taste.

The tail is like a deep breathof fresh air after all the excess of the other models. I think this will be an instant classic for sure and it would be a dream to work on one of these trying to extract the last 10% of its soul!

One of the so-called queen of this year edition is che CBR RR R which, beside its silly name, is a verynice step forward for Honda in order to get back to its role both on the Super sport bike market and in the World Superbike Championship.

For sure the company has great expectations from it and i can understand their feelings but to be honest it didn't leave me thrilled like other models do. Let's see if the racing version will be faithful to the great sporting heritage.

Speaking of sport heritage it was really really really cool to see all the winning superbikes (Fred Merkel's VFR 750 R, John Kocinsky's RC 45, Colin Edwards VTR 1000, James Toseland CBR 1000) on display next to the 2020 SP2, in an ideal witness passage.

Beside that this concept stole my attention: although it reminds me a bit a 2 years ago project from BMW, the ride height, combined with all the details and the volumes of the fairing, was a reallt effective combo. It's clear this tipe of bike is the one every maker is pushing the most.

I thought this was the best way to represent the all-winning RC213-V of Marc Marquez beacuse that's the angle everybody has seen for the most time of this year championship: from behind and lightly blurred.

The new Streetfighter V4 was the star at the ultra-crowded Ducati pavillion but, to me, the most interesting thing to look at was the new Desert X concept. Don't get me wrong, i'm a tarmac lover but sometimes you have to be down-to-earth and understand where the market is going.

I really like how they exploited the iconic legacy of the Paris Dakar Cagivas of 30 years ago by evolving the Lucky Strike sponsorship in a subtle but effective livery. The matt white really enhances the beautiful volumes of the body. I think this model really shows how well the Scrambler base can be used.

I'm not sure they could carry all the shiny concept-like details to a future street legal version but i hope it will look something like this.

The fuel tank zone was my favourite one, with the small integrated outlets for the hot air from the radiators. The proportions and the language of the shapes are almost perfect and make this model so desireable.

You can't mention Ducati without taking a look at their mental MotoGp rides: every year i'm shocked at how different these Desmosedici look compared to the other prototypes. There's a sense of drama in how the latest models show their weapons.

Their trust in aerodynamics, the moltitude of mechanical and electronical devices that pop up everywhere...You can't really tell they're good looking at all but i'm glad they're on the grid. I'm sure these bikes will be a true classic when we'll look back at these years.

These "old" example from 3 years ago shows the level of complexity reached by the infamous wings and winglets before the updates to the regulations. They keep on looking mental even for the Ducati standard.

Probably the most criticized two-wheels "thing" at this 2019 edition is the new Tesi H2 by Bimota. It really came out of nowhere ( although i really thought the supercharged engine could be a great match with the unique Bimota frame solutions when the new deal with Kawasaki was signed ) and so everybody was thrilled by this surprise.

At first sight there's really something strange because there's lot of carry over from the H2, especially in the front fairing. I'm not sure this is a good idea because this is one of the main point of view over a motorbike and something more distinctive would have worked better IMHO.

The supercharged engine requires a lot of parts so it's hard to define a slim body. The fact that even the tank, the exhaust system and many other componentes were 100% Kawasaki is a proof to me that this concept had to be a demonstration of the new ownership, an evidence of a relationship that is taking place in these weeks.

I'd like to cinvince myself that this is the reason of this result that somehow looks like it's cause of a work completed in a hurry to be presented at this exhibition. If you go beyond these drawbacks it's easy to sccop the usual jewelry-like engineered components. I really loved the two parallel Ohlins suspensions (on for the front axle, the other for the rear): a super complex leverage system is needed to move the damper in that positions but it's this time of complication that shows the ability of Bimota technicians.

The Guzzi built by Guareschi brother is always a really cool example of how a special should be put together. Everything is at the right place, no nonsense, just pure racing knowledge.

Modern materials and traditional-looking technology is a great match and these big twins really give me chill: ate the Greaser Garage we'd love to start a project like this, re-designing almost everything in order to create something fast and enjoyable.

I had great expectations from the new Aprilia 660 which had been unveiled as a concept last year. The production model is still put together in style but there's something missing...maybe it's the new livery or some choices about the details....anyway that's a great idea to make something less powerful but lighter, i'm sure the 660 will be followed by many competitors in the next future.

The Suter 2 stroke 570cc is really a living monument to the old days racing bikes from 20 and 30 years ago. It carries all their crazyness but in a contemporary and subtle fashion.

Harley Davidson is walking through a storm of anger and displeasure for thenew products they're putting on the market. I think their customers and fans are the most difficult to satisfy being so extremly conservative. From mypoint of view it's cool to have finally something more suitable to a 21st century technology and with plenty of interesting points in its structure to create specials and one off models!

On the BMW side i wasn't particulary impressed by the Huge R18 but this super advanced concept embodied a number of things to take as inspirations.

There was a noticeable deceleration in the EV field because probably many companies reported that the market isn't quite ready to accept this switch but nonetheless there were a lot of cool prototypes carrying on the development on this type of technology.

Yeah, i know there were thousands of other interesting subjects but this is waht caught my attention. And you? What was the strangest or coolest thing you saw at EICMA?

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  • I’m wondering why neither the lens nor camera are mentioned especially considering the title of the article.

      1 year ago
    • You're right, i forgot to write that part! Pentax Super Takumar 50 2.0 and Canon 7D!

        1 year ago
  • Great shots and show coverage, and I'm curious too as to the lens and body used (and teased in the title). I've got a Leica M to Fuji X adapter on order and I'm eager to see what happens. My lenses are newer but they're based on older designs (Zeiss Sonnar 50, Voigtlander Nokton 40) and they are clearly moodier than my Fuji XF35.

      1 year ago
    • Yeah i'm sorry, i forgot to insert the data in the article: I bought a Pentax Super Takumar 50 f2.0 that is matched to my old Canon 7D through an aluminum adapter. I'm considering to buy a 28 or a 35 lens just to have more options especially in...

      Read more
        1 year ago
    • Nice, looks like it works well with the 7D. Old lenses can be had for cheap so happy hunting!

        1 year ago
  • Two world or two wheeled? Am I confused or merely and editorial curmudgeon. Also, can I please have a Multi Strada with R1250GS reliability and option levels (heated grips would be a start) TY!

      1 year ago