2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt: The McQueen Machine

5w ago


If you like movie car chases, you will probably have seen Bullitt. Or, at least, jumped forward about an hour to get to the good bit. Reaching speeds of up to 110mph in American muscle cars on the not-so-forgiving roads of San Francisco, this was a scene that was exciting, realistic and dangerous in equal measure. Both the Dodge Charger (driven by the baddies) and the Mustang GT390 (driven by the goodies) have since been immortalised, as well as the man who played Frank Bullitt, a tough police detective with the driving ability of a rally champion. That was, of course, Steve McQueen, who passed away 12 years later. Bullitt is now 50 years old and to celebrate Ford unveiled a special edition version of the latest Mustang GT, which I got to drive in the south of France. The same place as just about every Ford car launch over the last year, if you hadn't noticed. Must've been a good deal on the flights and hotel, eh.

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