2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500: All the information available

All the info available on the upcoming shelby GT500

The Upcoming year will see the return of the long awaited legendary Mustang, the Shelby GT500, which was loved by the fans worldwide in its first and fifth generation, will the upcoming car live up to the fame of the former ones? We’ll let you decide after you read this current information summary of it.

At first glance, the car sports a gigantic front grille,probably big enough to swallow a Smart fortwo , the shape is identical to that of the 2013 Shelby GT500, probably to honour it because it was the last car Caroll Shelby got to work on before he died, it is also noteworthy that the car shares the headlights with the pre-facelift 6th gen mustang, if you look close enough, you will notice that it has a big front splitter.

Ford Released yet another teaser shot of the upcoming car, the 2nd shot shows a top-down view of the car, with a big Carbon Fiber Wing, and a big hood vent to cool the engine. Also visible are some carbon fiber bits on the front-right and front-left of the car, the hood also is bulged in the middle, probably to house the supercharger.

There were also quite a few spy shots of the upcoming vehicle, which might help figuring out the overall look of the car, these however were followed by a leaked picture by the instagram user “sinister lifestyle”, which confirmed how the car would look like, at least from the front-angle. According to the spy shots, several aero tweaks have been made to the aerodynamics of the car, including the rear diffuser.

Now we get on to the performance stats, Ford said that the car will feature a 700+ BHP engine, however the user Rhyu of the website www.mustang6g.com , leaked further information of the car. How did the user get such info or from which resource was it, is still unkown, but the peroformance stats are set to be close , if not better, than the figures leaked, which are: 720 BHP @7500 RPM, 650 lb ft/ 881 nm of torque @ 4500 RPM, an unrealistic weight figure of 4225 Pounds/ 1915 kgs, and a top speed of 190 mph/ 304km/h, the car will be made RWD, and according to several rumors started by a ford teaser shot at the supercharger, which were almost confirmed by Rhyu, the car will have an improved and supercharged version of the Voodoo Flat plane 5.2 liter V8 from the Current Shelby GT350, probably to cut development costs. It will also ride on an improved version of the independent Rear Suspension which the current Mustang GT has. The teaser supercharger image from Ford and a picture which contains the leaked information are right below the text.

Unconfirmed info:

As much as there is confirmed information about the upcoming car, there is much still unknown about it, like the 0-62mph/0-100 kmh time, and the transmission choices, which rumors have risen that the Shelby GT500 will have a dual clutch gearbox, akin to its rival , the Camaro ZL1, rumors also say that a 6 speed manual gearbox will be offered as an option, which is pretty logical since the ZL1 and the Challenger Hellcat Offer one as options as well.

Full specs, including a reveal of the car itself, are coming on January 14th, 2019.

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