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2019 GoodGuys Nashville Nationals

Every May, for the last 14 years, the GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association has made a trip east to host the GoodGuys Nashville Nationals at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. The show has become the kick off for multi-day car shows in my area. Attendance numbers average over 3,000 cars and the spectator numbers are huge as well!

Despite rainy weather Rods, Customs, and Street Machines from all over the country made their way to Music City.

Autocross Action:

In addition to the numerous cars on display, the GoodGuys autocross was in full swing all weekend long.

From the Pits:

Between rounds the drivers and cars could be found in the pit area working towards shaving another 10th off of their lap times.

The field was full of serious competitors!

Faces in the Crowd

The crowds were anxious to see some really bitchin' rides all weekend and it made getting good shots difficult, but hey, sometimes the crowds are just as interesting as the cars!

This guy has found something REALLY interesting about the engine in this '32 Ford Phaeton!

Despite large crowds, on the Nissan Stadium grounds, I was able to capture pictures of some truly beautiful cars and trucks.

I parked the Custom & Hot Rod Life tribe official vehicle right next to this beautiful 1940 Ford Coupe on Friday.

This bright orange SS Chevelle is a very nice looking cruiser.

A Pontiac GTO, with a three deuce set up on a 455 CID engine.

This '50 Ford Coupe was a period perfect mild Custom.

Check out this Deuce Roadster's drilled front axle.

This is one low riding '55 Chevy truck.

Other than the wheels, this is a pretty mean looking, stock Mustang.

The original color on this Firebird complements the black vinyl top.

Panel paints jobs and Panel trucks go together perfectly.

Two-tone paint jobs aren't common on Model A Ford Coupes. This one looks perfectly fine!

How about an early '50's GMC COE (Cab Over Engine) car hauler?

This clear coated '55 Chevy is a very nice example of the faux patina style of painting.

Second generation Camaros are some of the most aggressive looking cars ever produced.

A Hurst Oldsmobile is a very different pick for a Rest-Mod. It works!

This full fendered, flat black, '32 Ford Coupe is one righteous Hot Rod!

If putting a Oldsmobile rocket engine with aluminum heads in your Rod wasn't going "Old School" enough this owner also dropped a GMC 671 blower with 4 Stromberg 97 carbs on also. That's the mark of an overachiever!

I know what you are thinking... Yes... That's a sweet '36 Ford Coupe... Yes, it has a Ardun OHV conversion on a Flathead Ford V8... Yes... They went one more step and put a SCoTT blower on it... Yes... I would leave the hood off, too!

Is their anything sweeter than a bubble top Impala?

While it's not a black T/A, it's still a badass T/A.

A convertible Lincoln is high up on the list of cars I truly admire.

This convertible first generation Camaro is an aggressive looking build.

All the beautiful engines!

LS engines have become the engine of choice for modern builds. They were under the hoods of many great looking cars and trucks at the Nashville Nationals.

Of course, some people will always prefer to go Old School and I found many such examples.

Quality Time:

Every now and then the crowds would part and I was able to spend a few moments getting extra pictures of some very special cars and trucks.

If you think the Custom & Hot Rod Life tribes official vehicle is the only ratty F100 in the world, think again!

From the Grand National Roadster Show to the Nashville Nationals

This '32 Ford Phaeton competed at the Grand National Roadster show in January this year out in Pomona, CA. While it didn't take home the America's Most Beautiful Roadster award, it's a safe bet to say it will gather up many other awards this year!

"What'cha lookin' for, man?"

The vendors numbered into the hundreds at this years show and they had everything you needed, plus some things you never knew existed!

Good Times!

A low down '55 Chevy truck heads to the awards ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

The number of high quality builds at this year's show was absolutely unbelievable! It was a pleasure to shake off the final lingering effects of winter by strolling around a great group of rides and talking with such a nice group of passionate owners. The GoodGuys are starting to get a reputation for hosting shows that attract the nation's finest quality rides with equal quality owners. That reputation is well deserved!

See ya next year, GoodGuys!

Be on the lookout for feature articles on many of the cars seen in this story, as well as additional coverage of the event, all month long.

Keep on Cruisin'!

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