2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

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2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

in late 2018 Hyundai launched their large SUV Santa Fe onto Australian roads with a new face, new technology and all new levels of comfort.

The new Santa Fe is carrying over all the new features we know and love in new Hyundai vehicles but with extras. Hyundai launched their new AutoLink premium on the 2019 Santa Fe enabling users to pre heat, pre cool, lock, unlock and start the car all from a cell phone app. the use of AutoLink premium does require the use of a 3G network however if the vehicle maintenance is carried out by Hyundai the owner wont have to bare the expense of the connection. If owners should choose not to service with their dealer a small monthly fee can be paid to continue the use of the service.


The new Santa Fe has some of the most impressive safety tech on the market. Possibly the most impressive to myself is the active rear cross traffic system. just the other day i was reversing out of a car spot and the vehicle sensed a pedestrian walking by and applied the brakes and bought the car to a complete stop before i had the chance to react. Santa Fe carries all the safety tech throughout all their trim levels which is a great thing to see. top of all car manufactures list should be safety and seeing Hyundai incorporate these highly intelligent systems into their lower trim levels is a great thing to see.

Vehicle Impressions:

Santa Fe is easily the most comfortable, quiet and surprisingly powerful large SUV in its price range the engine and transmission are silky smooth on both the 2.2 Diesel and 2.4 GDI on the highlander models you can expect to see the likes of double glazed windows adding to the sound proofing, an immense Infinity audio system and more device charging points than your average family will need. Santa Fe is right at home wherever you put it, quiet, comfortable but most important safe.

Performance Figures:

2.2 Turbo Diesel putting out 147 KW @ 3,800 RPM With 440 Nm @ 1,750-2,750 RPM

2.4 GDI putting out 138 KW @ 6,000 RPM with 241 NM @ 4,000 RPM

The Santa Fe does not struggle to get itself out of any situation coupled with the engines you will find a choice of an 8 Speed automatic on the 2.2 Diesel and a 6 speed automatic on the 2.4 GDI. both transmissions provide seamless gear changes


Stepping inside the Santa Fe the cabin just flows exclusivity the comfort of the seats the beautifully designed flowing dashboard and genuine quality of all interior pieces are something usually reserved for an SUV in a substantially higher price range. the front passenger and driver have the comfort of heated and ventilated front seats, the driver also gets a heated steering wheel (highlander model), stepping into the middle row passengers get outer seat heaters 2 usb charging ports suitable for any device as well as sunshades for the rear windows, Third row passengers get more leg room and climate controls for the rear of the vehicle.


Santa Fe makes its presence known. Low set headlights, Large grille opening and flared guards as well as beautiful body lines the Santa Fe stands out in a crowd. 7 colour options are available on Santa Fe listed below as well as 2 extra colours for Highlander and Elite models.

Horizon Red

Magnetic Force

Rain Forrest

Stormy Sea

Typhoon Silver

White Cream

Wild Explorer

Phantom Black (Highlander - Elite)

Earthly Bronze (Highlander - Elite)

Coupled with interior options

Black leather or cloth (depending on trim level)

Dark Beige Leather (Highlander - Elite)

Burgundy Leather (Highlander)

Sepia Cloth (depending on trim level)


Hyundai has taken what was a usually rather boring market and made it something special in the price range. luxury and feature filled Santa Fe has only been on sale for a few months in australia but the buzz around the car is only growing. Standardising high end safety features across all trim levels is something other car makers need to look into. in my book Santa Fe is a winner on all accounts, Style, Performance and Features, this vehicle will not disappoint any potential buyer. If you're in the market for a new family SUV be sure Hyundai Santa Fe is at the top of your list

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