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2019 Land Rover Discovery – Explained Through Stunning Photos

2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury 3.0L V6

Starting Price: $52,950 (SE) $67,200 (HSE Lux)

Every car has a story to tell, a purpose for which it was built, a personality of sorts. People feel attracted to one car over another for various reasons, price, looks, driving dynamics, etcetera. It’s our goal with our new series to discover what exactly each car is trying to say, how’s it speaking to us? Through rich images and descriptive text, we will explore various vehicles together and find out. Today, we take a close look at the 2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury, the top trim level for the Discovery line.

The Discovery has a naturally happy, playful look with rounded edges and a vary large front facia. With the LED light housings curving up into the side, it almost looks as if the car is smiling at you. I really love the look, there’s really noting else like it on the road. The grille is small yet makes a solid style statement with a unique pattern. One could think of boulders and rocks when looking closely, kinda like the Discovery is ready to do some climbing. When viewing the car head on it looks like it’s ready to eat something with that giant front fascia. But in reality, it works great when fording a river. Let’s not forget the Discovery is one serious off-road vehicle.

When in off-road mode, you get 11.1 inches of ground clearance from the air suspension! That’s super helpful when off-roading plus that’s more clearance then a lot of trucks offer. The 21″ 9-spoke wheel design really looks great on the Discovery. They are optional and cost an additional $1,735 but if you’re already spending nearly $70k you should put the right shoes on it.

You can’t quite get the full idea from this photo, but the rear doors are incredibly long. Since the side panel design is part of the rear door, it jets out nearly reaching the rear window as you can see. It’s a unique design element; but wow you need a lot of space to open these guys.

Once again, we can see Land Rover used very rounded body panels to design the rear of the Discovery. The result is that classic Discovery look with the step-down curve in tailgate. Just in case you loose your Discovery in the Whole Foods parking lot, you can always check out which model you as signified by this small design element. HSE is the trim level, while Si6 stands for Supercharged 6-cylinder. It just doesn’t get much taller than this. You really don’t understand just how large this vehicle is until you go to open to hatch and realize you’re a tiny human. All joking aside, it makes for very easy cargo hauling with such a large opening and a fold-flat 3rd row.

I give the Discovery a big win when it comes to exterior design. So many SUV’s these days are so blah. They don’t really look like anything. Holding to the Discovery tradition, Land Rover managed to make this the cutest, funkiest Discovery ever.

If you’re fortunate enough to drive this vehicle in its natural habitat, you’ll appreciate the real natural wood trim, soft leather door panels and cool boxy design. Boxy is the name of the game inside. From the air vents to the window control housing, lots of boxes. The dashboard is made from soft leather and features stitching as you can see from the photo. The real wood trim also makes an appearance above the the front panel. I personally love the use of the natural wood and the waterfall interior design. Side note, the little black button in the wood opens the area above the glovebox which makes for some nice extra storage.

The seats are incredibly comfortable and even offer side bolster adjustments. Something I wasn’t expecting. They look pretty cool too, with plush headrest and the iconic Land Rover arm rests.

The optional Meridian Surround sound system is excellent, offering 825 watts and 15 speakers. The audio system also comes with an array of adjustments so you can dial in the sound you want. It’s worth noting the Meridian Sound Systems on Land Rovers products are some of the best in the industry and you can tell.

The media system offers an array of real time off-road information so you can navigate the trails with more confidence.

Climate is controlled the old fashion way, with physical dials. They double as the heated / cooled seat buttons as well.

Thankfully the backup camera on this Discovery worked well with minimal lag. However, they still need to improve on response time.

Fully digital gauge cluster looks solid, the needles remind you of an old school rover.

So what’s under the hood you ask. That would be a supercharged 3.0L V-6 which puts out 340-hp @ 6500 rpm and 332 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm. It’s enough to get this 5,500 lb SUV from 0-60 in 6.3 seconds. Not a bad number, but it could use more horsepower for higher speed passing. After all, this is a $70k SUV. It can also be rather obnoxious to drive at low speeds as the throttle response can be a bit jerky. Thankfully all power is routed through a responsive, smooth 8-speed transmission.

When it comes to handling, it really doesn’t like to mind its manners. Think of a 10-year-old learning to ride a bike without training wheels. It just likes to roll around, a lot. You just hope it doesn’t fall over and get a scrape.

The 2019 Land Rover Discovery is a highly capable vehicle. In fact, most people will never scratch the service of its off-road capabilities. Instead, they will use it to haul up to 7-passengers around in comfort and style. While it doesn’t have the best on-road manners, I think most people could get past that and would find the Discovery an easy vehicle to live with.