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2019 Toyota Supra finally unveiled at 2019 Detroit Auto Show

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On January 14, 2019, Mr. Akio Toyoda unveiled the 5th generation Toyota Supra which shares its body platform with the new B.M.W. Z4. The presentation started with Mr. Akio Toyoda, President and C.E.O. of the Toyota Motor Corporation presenting a video clip of him driving the A80 Supra for the first time on a race track. A connection between the new Supra and the 1967 Toyota 2000GT was also mentioned and it was said that both the cars resemble in key design elements. Soon after that, another video clip was presented which showed the mechanisms that the Supra boasts of. The video had highlights like an aerodynamic design, the low centre of gravity improving visibility and agility on corners, an HD instrument cluster, the 3-litre twinscroll turbocharged inline-6 producing 335 bhp of power and 494.87 Nm of torque, direct injection and variable valve timing, an 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters in both normal and sports mode and active differential. The 0-96 km/h sprint takes only 4.1 seconds as Toyota claims. Supra was designed with a low centre of gravity while keeping in mind that the safety and rigidity are not compromised. A 50:50 weight distribution was achieved to improve the driving dynamics. The suspension in the front comprises of double joint front struts and the in rear- multilink rear design. The factory brakes installed are 4-piston front callipers from Brembo housed in aluminium forged 19’ wheels. It was also stated the first Supra to roll out of the factory in 2019 will be painted in a matte grey colour with red accents on the outside and the interiors. The forth-mentioned Supra was driven onto the stage by Fernando Alonso. He praised the race car-like driving dynamics and the sophisticated electronics all of which made him say “It’s like a race car you can drive quite comfortably every day. I think people are gonna love it.”

Sources tell that the new Supra would be out in the dealerships in the summers of 2019. It’s going to be launched in 3 variants:

• Toyota Supra GR- $49,990

• Toyota Supra 3.0 Premium- $53,990

• Toyota Supra Launch Edition (name not yet confirmed)- $55,250

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