- 2019 Volvo XC40

2019 Volvo XC40 Review

2019 Volvo XC40 Review - By Kyle Edward

Pint-Sized Swedish Goodness

I have great news for all Volvo XC90 lovers. It now comes in yet another smaller size. Eloquent, modern and handy is the best way to describe this all-new Volvo SUV. Its design is focused on a younger crowd which leads an active lifestyle. This is immediately present with available two-tone paint colors, cloth door panels and a built-in trash can so you don’t dirty up your new masterpiece. That’s really what the all-new XC40 is, a masterpiece.

Class-Leading Interior Design

The 2018 XC40 follows Volvo’s interior design language with sleek lines, high-quality materials, and soft surfaces. You get a little more spunk in the XC40 with soft fabric lined door panels, and if you go for the R-Design (Volvo’s sport trim) you can option a two-tone interior as well. Everything from the air vent switches to the radio volume dials are elegantly designed with a unique pattern. It’s little touches like this that set the entire Volvo brand apart from the rest.

Technology Paradise

Volvo has outfitted the XC40 with all of its latest technology. I was surprised to find they even offered their lane keep assist system which works better than most. Other systems can have a hard time reading the road and correcting appropriately. The Volvo system always works flawlessly. Distance guided cruise control and blind-spot detection were also present. It’s not just about having the features but how Volvo implements them which makes a difference. Instead of having a small orange car light up in the mirror to signify a vehicle is in your blind-spot, Volvo goes the extra mile to make a very noticeable curved line on the exterior of the mirror to let you know a car is there; this system works better than the traditional car icon in most mirrors. The multimedia system is tablet like in nature and offers a sleek design and many different features. One of my favorites is the Google local search which allows the car to search for places using the Google database. All things considered, the Volvo infotainment system is one of my favorites because of its sleek intuitive design and functionality.

Digital Gauge Cluster Standard

Other brands are either charging more for a digital cluster or simply don’t even offer one, the 2018 XC40 gets it standard. Certainly a notable perk. Volvo has always packaged options logically plus they offer a lot of standard features for the price.

Harman Kardon Audio

For $1,375 you can get the multimedia package which includes navigation and a Harman Kardon sound system. The 13 speakers include sub-woofers with air woofer technology and an air-ventilated subwoofer. The sub-woofer is mounted behind the dashboard to free up the front doors for valuable extra storage space. I found the system to deliver a high-quality sound note with clear vocals and deep base. This is a must-have option.

Accentuate Exterior

In a continued effort to have a standard design language across the Volvo lineup. The XC40 shares a similar exterior with the rest of their SUV’s. Featuring soft curves with deep lines and an eloquent light design. They did an excellent job making the XC40 unique while still adhering to the overall brand style. I can’t get over the stunning rear end with roof to bumper lights and a unique egg-shaped curve in the middle of the rear hatch. The front features a large slotted grill with an oversized Volvo logo and unique headlights with stunning LED daytime running lights. I find the XC40 to be incredibly tasteful and one of the best looking cars in its class.

Two Exterior Dimming Mirrors

Manufacturers often give the driver’s side mirror a dimming function just like your interior rear-view mirror. This is very helpful when driving at night so lights aren’t shining directly into your eyes. However, a common practice is to only give the driver mirror the dimming feature, leaving the passenger one to shine light into your eyes anyway. Either do it right or don’t do it at all is a phrase most manufacturers seem to forget. But thankfully Volvo did what was right and made both the passenger and drivers mirrors auto dimming. Goodbye blinding light.

Volvo Keeps Impressing

Volvo has been on the rise since the release of their fully redesigned XC90 in 2016. Since then, they have updated the S90, XC60 and introduced the XC40; a true success for the Volvo brand. You can feel the quality and thought that went into creating this small lifestyle SUV. Efficient yet powerful engines, advanced tech features, and an eye-catching design leaves you wanting nothing more.

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Comments (14)
  • Since Volvo is from Geely they're really doing a great job on their cars, I'd have the S60/V60 over any other mid-class luxury sedan, and the Volvo V90/S90 is the last word in comfort and luxury, and of course the XC60 and XC90 are brilliant as well, the V40 is amazing (and I'm just praying for a sedan version (S40)!!!!!!!!!!!) so what could I expect more than brilliance from the XC40, at first I didn't really like the looks of it but now they're growing on me hugely and I'm a massive fan!!!

    4 months ago
    4 Bumps
  • Volvo's have been getting so brilliantly good looking. When I can afford my first brand new car, I might just go to the Swedes.

    4 months ago
    3 Bumps


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