Hope your landing in 2019 wasn't quite as hard as this 240's. Now come on, get up and ... what? Yes, yes I know, you'll never drink again, sure. Now take an Aspirin and have a look at the exciting stuff that's waiting for us this year:



In fact, it's kind of a turning point for the whole industry. Volvo will be the first "mainstream" manufacturer to definitely end the era of pure internal combustion engines. As they have announced back in 2017, from this year on, all engines in new Volvos will be supplemented by electric propulsion. What have sounded like distant future back then, now becomes reality. This won't change the world overnight but it kinda feels like the beginning of something new to only ever have hybrid Volvos from now.

Their first fully electric car however will be the XC40 which should also be launched this year. Well, the first electric car with the iron mark in the grille, the very first will actually be the Polestar 2, I'll come back to that in a moment.

And on Top of that, they're ditching the Diesel! So from 2019 on, we will also see no more new Diesel powered Volvos, the last few that they have currently in their lineup will gradually fade away.

NEW V40 / S40

It's quite safe to say we will get to see the new V40 this year and that it'll be based on the CMA platform of the XC40. Beyond that pretty much everything is speculation right now. There could also be a new S40 Sedan, but that's still very uncertain. It's not even sure if it's going to be a small hatchback like the current one or more like an actual estate (CLA Shooting Brake -ish).

But, it will likely feature many of the design clues we've seen on the stunning 40.2 Concept.

And it's also rumored that the Polestar 2 will very much look like this. Speaking of which...



This might be the most exciting "Volvo" car this year. Polestar was originally announced as a brand for electric performance cars. So when they first showed us the Polestar 1 as a hybrid, I was actually a bit irritated. But this year Polestar's first real electric vehicle will be revealed. The Polestar 2 will be a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3, have an estimated power of around 400 PS and prices will start presumably at 50 to 60.000€.

Is it the Polestar 2 we see here?

Is it the Polestar 2 we see here?

It won't go into production before 2020 though, but...


Finally. This also means we will probably see the first reviews and therefore the first production Polestars in action. I'm very much looking forward to that!

Polestar Production Centre in Chengdu

Polestar Production Centre in Chengdu

Lynk & Co

The new brand was already quite successful since its launch. While car sales have decreased drastically in China in 2018, Lynk & Co have managed to step up against this trend, and they show no signs of tiredness.


They are definitely working on yet another SUV, only this time it's a coupe version of the 01. Those things are of course extremely trending right now so they basically have no other choice but jumping on the bandwagon.

First spy shots of a camouflaged prototype have already been taken, but it'll basically look like the 01 SUV it's obviously based on.


And of course they will take part in the new WTCC season starting on April 7th with the race in Marrakech.

I haven't watched the last season but as far as I know, it should be possible to stream all races online. I'll check that again and if it's possible and you're interested (maybe leave a comment if you are), I'd be happy to remind you before each race starts, provide you with the link to the stream and we could do a live discussion of the race in the chat. (hopefully I'm not overpromising here)

Volvo trucks

Volvo also are making big steps into the future with their Trucks department, very interesting to see what's happening there. The big story of 2019 will most likely be their Tesla Semi competitor:

We don't know anything right now but these teaser images do look fairly promising!

Exciting times ahead!

That's just what we know so far. I'd say the overall topic is electrification, but 2019 will surely have much, much more in store for us.

So it's gonna be a very interesting year! What are you most excited about?


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