2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited - There's a lot going on here

44w ago

I’ve had a fair bit of time behind the wheel of the Pacifica. The Pacifica, as a mini-van was first brought out back in 2017 replacing the Town & Country which was a rebranded Dodge Grand Caravan. This Pacifica was designed to distinguish itself from the much more budget Dodge and it did a great job on that front. At the time the Pacifica came out I actually owned a Grand Caravan as my family hauler and quickly considered the upgrade into the Pacifica itself. Thanks to txGarage and reviewing cars, I was able to get a Pacifica for a family road trip from Dallas to Destin, Florida. Later that year I also drove the first iteration of the Pacifica Hybrid although we didn’t have a fancy road trip planned when I reviewed that car.

Four years later, I’m here again with the Pacifica Hybrid. I now own an SUV for my family hauler - the VW Atlas - and I’ve been excited to see what they’ve added and upgraded in these past few years.

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