2​020 Election: Winners announced

W​ell, well, well. How the turntables!

23w ago

O​ur election that we have been having has seen Clarkson, Hammond and May showdown - with their VP candidates Tim Rodie, Marcus Milligan and John Coleman respectively. This election has been incredibly tight but first of all, I’d like to thank our Clarkson, Hammond and May teams. They have been working very hard both campaigning and behind the scenes, so thank you! Honestly without your dedication and work none of this would have happened.

I​’d also like to thank Gabriel Ionica, Leila Lopez Marks and Daman Matharu. Thank you for leading the teams and as well as this, I’d like to thank John Coleman, Tim Rodie and Marcus Milligan for participating as Vice Presidential candidates.

S​o for the main event...

T​his has been too close to call, but James May and John Coleman have won 41.7% of the popular vote, Jeremy Clarkson and Tim Rodie secured 39.8% of the popular vote and Richard Hammond and Marcus Milligan secured 18.4% of the vote, meaning that James May And John Coleman are the President and Vice President of DRIVETRIBE now. They have won. Not Even by a margin of 2 percentage points.

James M​ay & John Coleman have won the election!!!

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  • Thanks again to the leaders of each team:

    Clarkson - Leila Lopez Marks - drivetribe.com/u/GiBGiWdiLmAphqfO-GJ3qK?iid=Q_Mg-RSLTKK32l-GeWYQbA

    Hammond -

    May -

    As well as this, I’d like to thank the Clarkson, Hammond and May teams for their participation.

    Many thanks to:

    For participating in the race too.

      5 months ago
  • good news!

      5 months ago
  • Yeah woooooo!

      5 months ago
  • Today, DriveTribers have resolutely said they don't want a Vice President with a beard. Thank you all.

      5 months ago
    • I suppose it makes sense that DriveTribe elected a VP with a babyface...

        5 months ago
    • May has a wise face. But it's true, we are the only all-beardless team. That resonated.

        5 months ago
  • May will make Drivetribe great again! But will ruin it.

      5 months ago
    • Let's be honest, May and Coleman have been running DriveTribe for ages. This election is just a leadership poll, really.

        5 months ago