2020 Ford Puma ST: A Small But Wild Cat

After being spotted on the roads of the Nürburgring, Germany, and being exhibited at least once in Switzerland, it becomes increasingly clear what exactly we're expected to get on the roads in 2020 when it comes to the Ford Puma. There are quite some similarities to the Ford Fiesta ST, which the Puma shares its platform with.

That means that the Ford Puma ST is most likely coming with a 1.5l turbocharged three-cylinder engine with what Auto Express guesses are 197bhp and 290Nm. The small but powerful car will cost around £30000.

Heavier than the Fiesta

The Fiesta is small. The Puma is slightly bigger. The fact that they share the same platform most likely means that the Puma's acceleration will be slower than that of the Fiesta. It's a front wheel drive and the ST version of the Puma has larger front wheels and an updated braking system with larger discs.

The larger front wheels on the Ford Puma ST will feature larger brake discs. (Source: autoexpress.co.uk)

The inside of the Puma is interesting. Having sat in a non-final pre-production model a few days ago, there's a large screen in the middle that shows a stylized Puma when it boots up. It is heavily reminiscent of the screen of the 2019 Mustang GT, so it will most likely feature the same input lag on the touch screen. Auto Express confirms this: «The standard car’s cabin is generously equipped, featuring a 12.3-inch customisable digital instrument panel, Ford’s SYNC3 infotainment system complete with eight-inch touchscreen».

Competition is Sparse

The Puma is an odd sort of animal in the car world as it stands today. It has very few competitors. While crossover cars are abundant, the 2020 season promises very few new additions to their ranks, writes Auto Express, especially when it comes to «outwardly sporty crossovers». There is the Hyundai Kona that will get a performance version under Hyundai's N-label.

The Ford Puma ST will feature a dual-exhaust. (Source: autoexpress.co.uk)

One last word: The above render was created by Avarvarii. It is based on the spy shots from Auto Express and based on the pre-production model I have seen, pretty much spot-on.

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