2020 Holiday Deals?

A post to rule them all?

Trying to backup my Kinja posts, I figured that it is time for my usual request post that I put up every year. Here it is.

Can we all (mostly the folks in the US) collaborate and consolidate all the deals in one pinned post (if a pinned post is even possible?). I am sure all of us would love to get that kinda info for the holiday season as well.

I remember that when I first did this annual request post in 2016, it was triggered by @Bttfdmc1984's TRU PSA post from a couple of weeks earlier. And that post made me wait for and get the Forza TRU special that year.

I am sure that that there are more PSA worthy deals coming up for this holiday season. So can we do a pinned post if possible that is constantly updated with all the holiday deals coming up starting with Black Friday?

For my bit, I will contribute if I see something somewhere when you guys are sleeping out there Stateside!

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  • Once I start seeing what retailers are doing for Black Friday Ill start collecting and updating a sale-tracker post. I know the boys at are hard at work prepping a holiday gift guide too!

      3 months ago