2020 Lotus Evora GT

A quick review and walkthrough

I had the chance to review the 2020 Lotus Evora GT at a recent event for Prestige imports. Not only did I drive the car, but I was also able to experience the ride as a passenger. We rallied from North Miami Beach to Homestead Miami Speedway. During the first leg, I rode passenger to Carlos Pachas. Carlos has been working with Prestige for close to 35 years. As their service manager, he knows the ins and outs of most of the vehicles on the lot. Who better to get a first time reaction to the 2020 Lotus Evora GT than from a guy who has seen it all.


Firstly, the car is quite comfortable. The bucket seats are padded leather and ergonomic, you don't feel like you are sitting on the floor like you do in many exotics.

There ARE seats in the back (see photo above). I had more than enough leg room in the passenger seat and could easily adjust it to fit someone behind me. Notice in the photo below, the plush leather and *Alcantara details that go into the bucket seats. They are comfortable and adjustable to recline if needed.

After over an hour in the passenger seat, I was refreshed and ready to go. The seats are worthy of long treks.

The interior is pretty simple to operate, no guess work, but retains the luxuries of a modern day sports car. Driver selectable ESP modes – Drive / Sport / Race / Off, can be seen in the photo below.

Our model had paddle shifting, notice the buttons for park, reverse, neutral and drive.

Here is the alternate interior for the manual option. Notice the manual shift in place of the buttons in the photo above

photo by: Lotus media

photo by: Lotus media

The *Alcantara carries over to the steering wheel, which is great comfort for driving and does not become scaldingly hot in the Florida sun.


We were able to test both wet and dry road conditions during the rally. As we were closely following the Bugatti ahead of us, we had the opportunity to test the "servo assisted, lightweight 2-piece cross-drilled and ventilated brake discs and **AP Racing four piston calipers". Braking worked like a charm.


The car is very nimble, quick to launch and equally quick to break, as it should be, check out these specs:

As the sun went down, we left Homestead Miami Speedway, this time I took the wheel. The driver's seat was just as comfortable as the passenger side. Shifting was smooth. The drive felt so natural, that I got lost in conversation as Carlos told me his history with Prestige Imports. The high beams lit automatically and turned off when cars approached. There was plenty of light from the headlights for the dark roads. It was easy to regulate my speed based on the feel and sound of the car, so I didn't need to stare at the speedometer.

I was impressed with the car. The price seems reasonable for a very reliable "3.5 litre (3,456 cc) V6, 24-valve, water cooled, all aluminium engine, with Edelbrock superchargerV6". In considering the price, remember that this car is super light with a lot of carbon fiber!

A shout out by Lotus of Miami (A division of Prestige Imports)

Lotus of Miami - Original post

Here is my 360 view of the 2020 Lotus Evora GT

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Terminology explained:

*Alcantara - is is the brand name of a common synthetic textile material. It has a soft, suede-like microfiber pile and is noted for its durability. Alcantara is commonly seen in automotive applications, as a substitute for leather and vinyl in vehicle interior trim. It is also used in the design, fashion, consumer electronics and marine industries.

**AP Racing brakes


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