- T​he new mustang ecoboost is a underrated pony, how is it?

T​he Mustang Ecoboost is a great car, last year it got a PP which honestly excited me. But, then this year, it got booted out the door and got replaced with its own High Performance Package.

T​he Specs

T​he Ecoboost Mustang (HPP) has the same engine as a Ford Focus, a 2.3L, turbo-charged, four-banger, making around 332 hp and 350 lb/ft of torque. Which propels it from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. Plus, the sound is a racket. Prices start around $26k for the base model. But for the most performance then that gets bumped up to 33k, which is less than the Focus RS (which, sadly, isn't on sale anymore). To put that into perspective, the V8 model of the Mustang costs (at least) $36k.

M​y thoughts

T​he Ecoboost (HPP) has a top speed of 155 mph and weighs 3,632 lbs. which is not bad for a 4 cyl. coupe/coupé. Plus, it's super fun to drive, like I said in the title, it's a Focus in a Mustang shell. Fun to drive, yet has lots of performance for a reasonable price. Plus, the looks are great. It kinda gives me a California Special sort-of feeling.

T​he Daily Life

O​k, now let's get on to it when you try to daily drive it. When you open the boot/trunk, it has 13.5 cubic feet of space. Not that well compared to a Civic, but pretty decent. It has more MPG than a GT Mustang, 20 City / 27 Highway compared to the GT's 16 city / 25 highway. Looks pretty reliable aswell, I looked it up on Cargurus and found out that the maximum mileage of 77k. You can have it with a 10-speed auto, only for a cost of $1.5k, which is perfect for MPG and daily driving because to be honest, a manual is a little annoying when dailying.


T​he Ecoboost is great, lots of fun and high performance for the price you're given and if done right, is just fine for dailying. Here's my advice: Perfect for performance but for dailying, you're a bit better off with a Fusion. But, other than that, it's a 9.1 out of 10 for me.

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