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2020 Nissan Versa Review

6d ago


Have you ever been behind a car on the road and thought that it was quite ugly and that its owner was probably a bit of a plonker? Because that was the exact situation I was in just a few days ago.

My father and I were driving down the road after I got out of school for the day. We were having a natter about various things, and then all of a sudden, a rather hideous car pulls out in front of us. At first, I thought it was an Altima, but after further scrutiny, I found out that it was actually the new Versa. And, joy of joys, it was absolutely hideous.

The front looks unmistakably forgettable, and the sides are so angular that even one of Frank Lloyd Wright's houses isn't that angular. And that, I'm afraid, is only the beginning. The back also looks like one of Wright's house designs, except much worse. Much, much worse.

Then, we get to the interior, which is so dismal that it makes a hospital look like Buckingham Palace. The gear lever looks like it's been made from the flimsiest material known to man, and the air con vents look like they're from the original Versa. Then we get to the seats, which are invariably made from 1980s pleblon. Now, I know you're probably thinking, "But it's got a big fancy touchscreen in the middle". Yes, I know it has. And that's about all it's got. Which, in the big scheme of things, is pretty unacceptable. Because, let's be honest for a moment. Who's really going to look at the interior of this car, and think, "Wow! It's got a touchscreen! I don't care that the rest of it's dismal, because it's got a touchscreen". Exactly. No sane consumer is going to walk into a Nissan showroom and decide to purchase the Versa solely on the basis that it has a touchscreen.

Anyway, you're probably bored of reading my passionately long rant about this car's interior, so we'll move on. Next up, the two P's. Price and practicality. We'll start with price. If you're the sort of person that just wants a car to get you from a to b, you'll most likely want the base model, which starts at $14,730. However, if you like a bit more car, you'll be wanting one of the top trim lines, which will cost you up to $18,240. So, it really boils down to your preference. Right, that's price taken care of.

Lastly, practicality. As far as rear legroom goes, you'll be better off reserving the back seats for people without legs. As for trunk space, there's not much. You'll be able to fit about 3/4 of your weekly shopping in, but the rest you'll have to return to the store. Which will ultimately make you look like a knob, because you'll have bought a car without enough trunk space and rear legroom.

My advice to you, then, would be to save your money for a better car. A more luxurious, better looking car with ample legroom and trunk space. Oh, and you won't look like a complete fool who's going through a budget midlife crisis.



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Comments (2)
  • The old one was a hundred times worse

    6 days ago
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    • They're both pretty dismal, however I will say that this new one looks ever so slightly better than the previous model.

      5 days ago
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