2020 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.


Following on from the 2019 Pikes Peak international hill clim where Dai Youhishara didn't get the chance to finish the hill climb, this year he decided to give it another go. Does he get to finish this year? Have a watch of the video below to find out!

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  • Ok, I have done some crazy wild adrenaline pumping stuff in my day. After watching footage of Robb Holland take the front wheel drive record FIRST PERSON I can safely say ... NO. 140mph on the white line with a 1000ft drop and no guardrail had me uneasy in my chair. Now THAT means something to me. Good drivers do not ever scare me. They have control. Pro racers have control of their vehicles. There is no way I would ride up with him shotgun at these speeds. And I LOVE to get freaked out!!

    Not many things scare me after being dead. I mean, what’s left? I already experience pain. Not afraid to die. I have done it all but jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Gotta give metric f tonnes of NOPE to racing up Pikes Peak. There are not enough NOPES on that one. I even lived there and never drove up Pikes and I am the guy that did 80 up I70 to the ski areas in bumper deep snow (thanks Quattro). 80 on solid ice (thanks again Quattro). Donuts in 27’ flat bed. 125 in V10 27’ motorhome. 172 on GSXR750. 152 87M6. 142 90 LS400. 125 GTV6 first car I drove. Had all four wheels off the ground in 7 cars. Dive bombed a nuclear power plant to see inside the cooling tower (grandpa 1984). Windsurfed in 86mph wind. Have been on fire. Almost drown. Jumped bikes off the roofs of houses. And much MUCH more. Pikes Peak? Nope. Zero safety factor. You go over and 1000ft before you hit ANYTHING. Nah. For the same reason I have never jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. There is crazy and then there is plain nuts. These guys fall into the later category. And the world is a better place for them!!!!

      1 month ago


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