- The Mission E is actually happening!

2020 Porsche Mission E Spotted Testing

1y ago


Tesla are facing some serious competition from Porsche with the upcoming Mission E. Aimed directly at the Model S range, the Mission E will be the first fully electric production Porsche ever made and will open up the brand to new customers. Coming as a 2020 model with sales starting in 2019.

The car will feature a powertain capable of outputting at least 590bhp, a 0-124mph time coming in at under 12 seconds. The car will also deliver an estimated range of over 330 miles. To put those numbers in perspective, a Tesla Model S 75D produces 518bhp and a range of 260 miles. The platform for the Mission E is unique to the car.

The Mission E being benchmarked against the Tesla Model S

However, the Mission E will include a new 800-Volt battery technology. When charging, this technology allows the car to gain 80% of charge back in just 15 minutes which compared to Tesla's system, is light years ahead. The Mission E should also be offered with Level 4 autonomy, which is a step above what the new Audi A8 and any Tesla offers. However, like a Tesla, Porsche are planning to give the Mission E over-the-air updates, either by Wi-Fi or LTE.

More information will become available towards it's launch in 2019. Prices should start at about $85,000 which is aimed directly at the Tesla Model S.