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2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The Corolla, can be found under "excitement" in the dictionary.

2y ago

Toyota recently announced that they will be offering a 2020 Corolla hybrid option. Reportedly they will be releasing more details at the upcoming auto show. No stats have been given, but I would imagine that the mileage is going to be pretty high. The Corolla has a reputation for being very bland and lacking in personality. Adding a hybrid system may not cure this, but their redesign could. And if not, at least you get the mpg.

2020 Corolla XSE (Credit: Toyota USA)

2020 Corolla XSE (Credit: Toyota USA)

Toyota showed us a sneak peak of the blue Toyota badge, implying that it is electrified. With almost 50 million sales, the Corolla is definitely a successful car, no matter your opinion on it. I am certain they will have plenty of loyal customers that will buy this, and honestly am quite surprised they haven't already added this option to their lineup. Toyota makes great hybrids at an even greater value, and the Corolla is the other side of their sales lineup.

What could this mean for the future of the iconic soulless commuter? We will find out in a little bit, according to Toyota.

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