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I'm Back!

1y ago

Happy New Year! 2020: Can you believe its almost been a year since I started on Drivetribe - yeah its nuts.

In this little update, I wanted to say that i'm still here, despite my lack of posts and am going to update more regularly. Hopefully with some different types of content.

As a full-time University student now, studying journalism, who would have guessed, it is getting a tad bit difficult to put time towards Drivetribe and my studies. As well as "Living the student life". But in the future, I hope to focus more and update consistently on Drivetribe.

Also were now in the off-season of F1 and most Motorsports, so it's a touch and go with what to write about. Although I am keeping a watchful eye over Formula E this season. As we had 2 thrillers in Saudi Arabia last year.

But with only 73 days until F1 you can bet there will be plenty to write about in the coming months.

So, Thank you for being patient and even getting this far and also a huge thank you to the support I have got from you so far. It is truly amazing for people to read what I say. Let's make 2020 an amazing year.

Stay tuned for some great content!


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