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2021 BMW 4-Series Convertible Revealed, Gets Soft Top

The all-new 4-series convertible replaces the hardtop with a fabric one and adds new features.

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Key Points:

1. BMW has unveiled the new 4-series Convertible, which has a fabric top, rather than a convertible hardtop.

2. It carries the same front-end styling from the regular 4-series.

3. It will go on sale in the U.S in March of 2021 for the rear wheel drive models, and July for the xDrive all wheel drive variants and will start at just over $54,000.


As with other BMW models, the new 4-series convertible begs for attention with its massive kidney front grille. This new 4-series convertible is perfect for a luxurious cruise, a twisty mountain road, or, as most buyers will use it, a trip to work.

The most notable feature included on the new 4-series convertible is its top - it's fabric! Personally, I think it's awesome, I wasn't much of a fan of the old 4-series hardtop. Luckily, this change doesn't only make it look better when folded, it's 40% lighter than the outgoing hardtop. Opening and closing the top is electronically controlled, takes 18 seconds, and can be done whilst traveling at 31 mph.

This fabric top allows for 1.2 cubic feet more of cargo space, bringing the total up to 9.0 cubic feet.


The all- new 4-series convertible's styling is a lot to unpack. Starting at the rear end, it is sleeker than ever and looks stunning. The front, on the other hand, has sparked an outrage across many social media platforms, including DriveTribe. Its massive kidney grille is not likable by many. Overall, the styling is very clean, with the only rough spot being the front-end.

Engine Options

European buyers can choose from an assortment of 4 and 6-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, whereas the U.S market gets some more powerful options. The base engine is the B46 2.0 L that generates 255 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The sporty M440i version is powered by a 382 horsepower B58 3.0 L straight six that produces 369 lb-ft of torque. Both engines can be fitted with either rear or all wheel drive and are connected to a ZF-sourced 8-speed automatic transmission.


BMW's latest infotainment system is included in the 4-series convertible, and allows passengers to manipulate the vehicle's dynamic settings in multiple ways and connect their phone via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A head-up display is optional.


Pricing starts at $54,095 for the 430i and $66,995 for the M440i. Both trims can be optioned with all wheel drive at the price of $2000. Rear wheel drive models will be at dealerships in March, and xDrive all wheel drive versions will arrive in July.

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  • Ok thats awesome😀

      8 months ago
  • I’m liking the front more and more every time I see it.

      8 months ago