2021 BMW 4 Series Convertible will only be available as a soft-top

Turns out the new front grille isn't the only controversial thing that BMW did to the 4-Series.

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BMW has made some rather significant changes to the 4-Series since the model debuted back in 2013. I have a habit of only enjoying even number BMWs, and the 4-Series was no exception. I thought that they were pretty good looking cars, and the hard-top convertibles were beautiful. There aren't a lot of pillarless coupes anymore for the "common folk" to purchase, unless you owned a Chrysler 200. BMW and Infiniti both made hardtop convertibles in the late 2000s and it seemed like you could have the best of both worlds, with the exception of a lot more weight.

Well, to cut a long story short, almost all of the hardtop convertibles are gone, and BMW is falling in line with its fellow German brands and are giving the 4-Series a soft-top for 2021. Along with its bucktooth kidney grille, the 4-Series now has no real unique characteristics to make it stand out from its rivals. I suppose the big question is "Why?" Well, BMW claims that the new soft-top is 40% lighter than the hard-top and "marries the strengths of a retractable hardtop and the puristic appeal of a fabric hood, thereby combining the best of both worlds."

The mid-spec 430i convertible will be powered by BMW's 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder making 258 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, which is good for a 0-60 of 6.2 seconds. Which is important, because that means it is at least competitive with other German convertibles, but is slower than the American muscle convertibles, and interestingly, the Honda Accord 2.0T.

In short, the 4-Series has lost its unique attributes and replaced it with...well nothing. Between that and the grille design, I'd be hard-pressed to pick this over the C-Class or an Audi A5 Cabriolet. Still, I'm sure people that simply have to have a BMW in their garage will scoop these up, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time, before these start cruising your local boulevard.

What do you think of the 4-Series Convertible? Did you like the hard-top? Comment Below!

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  • The soft top is perfectly fine, in fact it was a mistake by BMW to go to the hard top in the first place following a fad and was against BMW’s ethos chasing the wrong customer (someone who wanted a Peugeot 307 cc but had more money).

    BMW could have done the pilar less design in coupes but chose not to. Mercedes continued with it and the result is elegant coupes.

    Now that BMW has worked out that they added weight, complexity and dented performance they’ve switched back. This wasn’t a case of ‘benefit of hindsight’ everyone except BMW could see it was the wrong decision. The problem is that some BMW drivers buy in to the brand rather than the product itself and whilst it helps BMW make lots of cash, it’s resulted in BMW selling their soul in search of profits.

      8 months ago
    • I tend to agree. The complexity of a multi-piece hard top added to the problem of where to stow it makes these my least favorite. I'd love to see a poll of owners who have hard top convertibles: "Was it worth it?"

        8 months ago
    • Indeed, in BMW’s quest for trying to preserve the coupe’s lines they ended adding 175kg in it becoming a convertible. I’m simple terms that’s two average adult males!!

      Just look at the impact of 0-60 times and fuel economy not to mention...

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        8 months ago
  • Bloody awful grille

      8 months ago
    • 8 months ago
  • What's wrong with a rag top? Not a fan a top down driving but see nothing wrong with soft tops. They serve a purpose and work well. The point is that they spend 90% of their time down and only go up for inclement weather. Plenty functional and not bad looking either. My Dad has a Karman Ghia soft top. Didn't have the top up for 20 years running. The old top was original and was tired. He only got the top redone two years ago!! That was just for when it rains and he gets caught out in it and shows. Still hasn't had that one up but one time in two years. Stays in climate controlled garage and comes out in sun. No hardtop necessary.

      8 months ago
  • Just saying...

      8 months ago