- Lewis Hamilton on the winners step at the 2021 British Grand Prix

2021 British GP Report

Today I am reviewing the British GP.

From a fan’s perspective, the 2021 British GP was a race with all emotions mixed into a brew, one of them was anxiousness, this was due to Max Verstappen & Lewis Hamilton’s crash on the first lap of the race at Copse, with Verstappen suffered a headache due to crashing with an impact of 51G. Verstappen being taken to hospital for a checkup as a result. The incident on the opening lap was one of mixed emotion itself, why? Because the majority of fans were hoping Verstappen was ok, despite this, there was a small minority who cheered when Verstappen crashed, which is as bad as the abuse Hamilton received after the race on social media. A red flag was deployed for over 20 minutes, when the race restarted, the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc, who started 4th, led Hamilton, Lando Norris & Hamilton’s fellow Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas. In the early stages, Leclerc had better pace than Hamilton.

In the midfield, Sebastian Vettel spun his Aston Martin whilst battling with Fernando Alonso, leaving him in last place, whilst Vettel was at the back, his teammate Lance Stroll was fighting in the points.

Hamilton was then given a 10 second stop go penalty due to the afore mentioned collision with Verstappen.15 laps into the race & Leclerc was reporting shortages in power, Hamilton managed to get within a second of Leclerc before the issue was fixed & Leclerc started to set good laps, with Leclerc & Hamilton trading fastest laps.

Lap 22 & Norris pitted from 3rd, but had a slow, 6 second pitstop, meaning that, after the pitstops, Bottas would move into 2nd place. The reason why was that Hamilton, who pitted 5 laps after Bottas, who pitted the lap after Norris, had taken his stop-go and lost 10 seconds. On lap 31, only a few laps after his pitstop, Hamilton cleared Norris and moved into 3rd, Leclerc pitted a few laps prior, Hamilton then passed Bottas, who let him through and by lap 50, had caught Leclerc and passed him, clawing back a 10 second penalty to still take his 8th British GP, although the star of the show was Leclerc, who led 50 laps of the British GP, more than in Ferrari’s last 30 races combined!

Sainz & Ricciardo duelled for 5th, with the latter winning the place.

Despite a slow stop, Alonso still recorded a fantastic 7th place for Alpine & his teammate Esteban Ocon finished 9th. In between the 2 Alpine’s was Lance Stroll, who ended the race in 8th place, McLaren finished well with a 4-5 finish, Ferrari ended up in 2nd & 6th, in between being Bottas & in the end of the points was AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda, taking Red Bull’s only points in the sister team.

Outside of the points was Tsunoda’s teammate Pierre Gasly, Home Hero George Russell, Antonio Giovinazzi of Alfa Romeo, Russell’s Williams teammate, Canadian Nicholas Latifi, who was ahead of Flying Finn Kimi Raikkonen, who had a disappointing race in comparison to teammate Giovinazzi. Sergio Perez ended an extremely disappointing weekend in only 16th, with Haas finishing 17th & 18th with Mazepin & German Mick Schumacher.

Vettel retired on lap 40 with an suspected overheating car.

As I mentioned, Lewis Hamilton unfortunately received racial abuse on social media, I am totally against racial abuse & completely understand the message of #BlackLivesMatter, but Hamilton wasn’t the only driver getting abuse. Verstappen was getting abuse as well, with people hoping he passed away in the crash, I am also against this, hoping someone dies is extremely cruel thinking & I hope the social media companies, such as Twitter & Instagram, do more to deal with racial abuse, as well as harmful material. Overall, I would say this race was a mixed one, the new sprint qualifying being received mixed as was who was to blame for the crash. What I will say is that the British fans always give an electric atmosphere, & to be a part of that atmosphere for the first time was an honour. The claim however, of British fans being the best is a lie, as the Italians are so passionate.


By Liam Ploetner

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