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  • I can’t choose! I’m more of a Ford fan so I’d go for the Raptor.

      12 days ago
    • My bias is for the TRX. It looks different and more aggressive than the Raptor, which really looks the same every year.

        12 days ago
  • Again too soon to decide!!!

      12 days ago
  • I’m leaving the dealership in a Corvette powered Silverado ZRX.

    Or a Denali Duramax HD. One of the two.

      12 days ago
    • Never heard of it. Is it a concept soon to go to production?

        12 days ago
    • Not surprising. You’re not really into trucks. Should come out in 2022. I hope they give it an LT5. 😍

        12 days ago
  • Dodge 🐏 🦖 ... does it make any sense to you?

    For Ford, it’s just ford raptor but for dodge, it’s ram TRX. Wtf?!

    Why dodge get rid of the whole ram name and logo and just name it TRX and make new TRX logo? I think it’s really lame how dodge is trying to copy raptor with RAM.

      11 days ago
  • Is ford going to put v8 back in raptor?

    They need to do that in gt40 first!

      11 days ago


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