2021 Lucid Air Pricing Revealed, Has 406-Mile Range

Lucid has announced that the 2021 Air will have a range of 406 miles and should start at $77,400.

35w ago

Key Points:

1. Lucid has announced that the 2021 Air will start at $77,400 for the base model, and $87,500 for the Touring variant.

2. Lucid says it will have a range of 406 miles.

3. It will have up to 620 horsepower.


Lucid has revealed pricing for the 2021 Air EV. The base model Air will start at $77,400 and should come with a PurLuxe animal-free interior and DC fast charging capability that has the ability to add 300 miles of range in 20 minutes. A driving assistance package named DreamDrive will also be available that Lucid says will accomplish Level 3 driving assistance in the future. 503 miles of range is available on the Dream launch edition as long as you have $169,000 at your disposal.


The base model Air will have a single motor that produces 480 horsepower, whereas the Touring model will have a dual-motor all wheel drive setup that produces 620 horsepower.

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Comments (3)

  • I think that the actual design of it looks really clean

      8 months ago
  • Yes, yes, now let them finally put the thing on sale! Don't just show the merch, deliver!

    I'm really getting annoyed by all these upcoming brands that keep coming up but never deliver, like vaporware,and other "Tesla-killers" all the way round. Even Porsche was not able to kill Tesla after more than a decade.

    Also, the nose is straight off an early nineties Toyota Celica...

      8 months ago
  • I'm sure I'm not the only one to think that the Lucid Air is a beautifully styled and detailed creation. It'll make buying a really cutting edge EV no longer a 'Tesla or nothing' alternative. Other top end brands are still clinging to their old design architecture and while this will work for a short time, they'll age very quickly by comparison to the Air and Model S. There is such an untapped market across the planet for this kind of car that competition, as such, won't exist until the market is saturated... but don't hold your breath for that day, it's still far, far away.

      8 months ago