2​021 Mclaren Sabre.

T​he 824 Horsepower Sword in Mclaren's Dagger.

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O​nly 15 will be produced.

Y​up you read it right the MSO (Mclaren Special Operation) Program apparently decided that this will be a limited quantity,exquisite & aggressive Senna which on the customers request was designed to look like it just arrived from space! But its a more of a show car on the road says MSO's global sales manager.

T​his beast is only designed for US market and therefore it doesn't have to obey any other market's road rules. It has more than 70% new parts all over it and they are unique to Sabre and also making it one of the Mclaren's widest car.

The engine here is a twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8 which produces 824hp aero changes mean that the Sabre has about a third of the down force of the Senna. And because it has 35 more horsepower, MSO says its 218-mph top speed makes it the fastest two-seat McLaren road car ever built. That's rather obvious when it's let loose on a track.

It's more old-school than scary, a car you actually need to drive into a corner. That's because the rear wing is fixed, which means it can't function as an air brake as on other McLarens. The diffuser, though, is active McLaren's first ever and limits drag on the straights while going into down force mode under braking.

Its exhaust is made from Inconel, the same superalloy used on F1 cars. It provides a unique tone that's characterful at road speeds, issuing burbles and cracks that sound natural rather than synthetic and contrived. On the track, the exhaust note is higher pitched than that of other McLarens, giving the V-8 a distinctive wail.

This Sabre is one of the most personalized of the 15, finished in a livery that's a tribute to McLaren's current F1 cars, with Papaya Spark as the main color and Vega Blue accents. None of the accents are decals or vinyl either. The badges are electroforms, and everything else is painted even the hidden logos under the diffuser and Bruce McLaren's signature on the rear haunches.

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