- 2021 Mercedes-Benz C 300 4Matic

2021 Mercedes-Benz C 300 4Matic Avantgarde Edition: A Full Review.

An in-depth review of the 2021 Mercedes-Benz C 300 4Matic. A luxury car with an affordable price tag.

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After test driving the all-new 2021 Mercedes-Benz C 300 4Matic I was left surprised at what you got from a luxury vehicle with a semi-affordable price tag. The quality and selection of materials were truly elegant and it was everything a luxury car should and can be. It was, to say the least, a decadent experience. The vehicle is listed with an MSRP of $55,000.00. The vehicle tested for the purposes of this review is tested with an MSRP of $64,305.00.

Small, Yet Powerful in its Own Class.

Mercedes-Benz 2.0-litre Inline-4.

Mercedes-Benz 2.0-litre Inline-4.

The C 300 is powered by a twin-scroll turbo, direct injection and CAMTRONIC valve adjustment team up for 255 hp. Unleashing all 273 lb-ft of torque from just 1,800 rpm, it also reins in fuel consumption in town or on the highway. (Source: Mercedes-Benz). It may look small but driving with this engine configuration is fantastic. There was no shortage of power. 0-100 KM/H in just 5.9 seconds. That may not sound as impressive for AMG fanatics but for a basic luxury vehicle, it is sufficient. Obviously, if you're looking for something a bit faster than a C 43 AMG or C 63 AMG would be more your style. However, the C 300 is designed as a mode of affordable luxurious vehicular transport. Not for setting lap times on the track.

I should also mention, the sound from the twin-scroll turbo is truly magnificent. With of course the windows up you can not hear it properly with the soundproofing. Which is expected on a vehicle of this manner but with the window down, you can get a taste for that powerful little inline-4.

Sport Tuned Suspension in a Non-AMG Vehicle, Raises Cause for Concern.

Mercedes-Benz C 300 Suspension.

Mercedes-Benz C 300 Suspension.

It was quite shocking, to say the least, that the ride was somewhat appalling if you're in the back seat. The vehicle was tested with a second person to ensure that a proper review of the vehicle's ride could be conducted. I sat in each seat of the vehicle to examine the ride quality. Sitting in the passenger seat or the driver's seat, was not really a problem. Going over bumps or potholes was barely noticeable at times. However, sitting in the back was absolutely disappointing. Every pothole was felt and it was really uncomfortable, even when the suspension was in the most comfortable setting.

The problem arises from the stiff suspension. Mercedes-Benz is quoted to have created a "multilink suspension to optimize agility and refinement. Agility Control firms up in corners stay supple on rough roads. Sport tuning is standard." Sport tuning a non-AMG vehicle's suspension is the problem with the C 300's ride quality. Consumers of this car are obviously not looking for a track vehicle. They're seeking something within their price range that gives them the feel and quality of being in a proper luxury sedan. Adding sport tuning to the suspension is a big setback for this's vehicle likeability and appeal to drive. Unless you enjoy feeling every bump and crack on the road, this may not be a top choice for what your next vehicle should be.

The Newly Designed Exterior is Elegantly Styled

Compared to the previous generation of the C 300, this newly redesigned look gives it more of a sporty side. The new grille and headlight designs really make this sedan look great. I question Mercedes's reasons behind giving the C 300 such a sport-like appeal to it when it's not an AMG. It's almost providing its customers with a false sense of the car's abilities. The 2.0-litre inline-4 is fast for its size but not AMG territory. Certainly raises some questions on the objective of this vehicle. The last thing to mention on the exterior is the back of the vehicle. The taillights and chrome accents remind me of the Mercedes-Benz S Class.

The Interior is Gorgeous.

Mercedes-Benz C 300 Interior.

Mercedes-Benz C 300 Interior.

The vehicle tested had the optional Silk Beige leather for $1,999.00 and the Anthracite Oak open-pore wood for $225.00. The interior was gorgeous and the materials were beautifully crafted. The attention to detail in the C 300's interior was fantastic for the price. The accents of leather, wood, and aluminum were elegantly laid out. The seats were also very comfortable which helped a bit with the stiff suspension. It was everything you expected in a luxury vehicle for the price that you were paying. Personally, I would have chosen a different wood accent as the Anthracite Oak open-pore wood was a bit rough at the touch. However, it looked great in the vehicle. There were also the features of the seat controls that were better placed on the door than the side of the seat and the heated and ventilated seats that are great to have in the summer and winter.

Lastly, Let's Talk about Technology.

Technology and optional features in a vehicle these days are what sets it apart from the competition, and this Mercedes-Benz C 300 meets the standard in current-day automotive technology. It is capable of having WI-FI hot-spotting, it has Apple CarPlay© and Android Auto©. You can charge your phone wirelessly from a pad in the center console. There is also a heads-up display that can display your speed and navigation. It has hand gesture technology for answering or declining phone calls. You can start the car remotely from anywhere with your cell phone and operate the climate controls with the same application. There really is no shortage of features in this newly redesigned C 300. It has everything you need and want to stay connected with the online world while offering safe and effective hands-free capabilities. Mercedes-Benz has definitely outdone themselves on this portion of the car.


If you are in the market for a new car and are looking for something that is affordable, luxurious, beautifully styled and technologically inclined then the new 2021 Mercedes-Benz C 300 4Matic is your vehicle of choice. If Mercedes-Benz were to review their choice of choosing a sport-tuned suspension system for this vehicle and replace it with a soft more comfortable alternative it would definitely be an excellent vehicle in all regards. However, the current suspension system does create a major drawback. Whether that would be a deal-breaker or not depends on the consumer and what you look for in a luxury vehicle or a vehicle in general. However, for what you get and what you're paying for it seems like a reasonable bargain of the sedan.

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Comments (6)

  • Very nice review David!

      2 months ago
  • Great review David! Just that beautiful matte grey paint job makes it worth it... that has to be the best paint color in the market right now.

      2 months ago
    • Thank you. And, yes, this particular paint color looked fabulous in the sunlight. I personally enjoyed my time with the Mercedes, regardless of the issue with the sport-tuned suspension.

        2 months ago
  • I'd look for a slightly more used C43, but have always loved the look of these. Great review.

      1 month ago