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2021 Porsche 993 Guntherwerks Speedster Remastered: This Is All Of It

The restomodders have lopped the top off and engineered the living hell out of it, all satisfy the twenty-five who want the ultimate open-air 993

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Guntherwerks, the US-based resto-modding arms that have been turning the 993-generation Porsche 911 into finely-honed modernized machines, are now coming out with something truly incredible: a remastered 993 Speedster.

Here's the thing, though: there wasn't any official production 993 Speedster at all. The 993 Speedster as most Porschephiles know it were prototypes, one of which is owned by Jerry Seinfeld (the other is with Ferdinand "Butzi" Porsche).

So what did Guntherwerks come up with?

You are looking at the "993 Speedster Remastered", and it's not only a marked departure from the prototype 993 Speedster unicorns, it's also quite different from Guntherwerks' past output. For one, the roof is missing. Also, the front LEDs and bumper seem more reminiscent of the Living Legend concepts than anything else. Otherwise, it's very much the same Guntherwerks style that we've come to adore, and there are more changes under the skin.

Key to those changes are in the chassis, because removing the roof does a number on a car's torsional rigidity. Guntherwerks' solution? Integrated roll cages and extra bracing where the rear seats were, tucked under the back cover that houses the tonneau roof. The low-rake windshield (which can be deleted) and carbon bonnet are lighter than stock (25% on the latter), and the neo-Fuchs wheels come with centre-lock nuts to cut more weight and ease changing the tyres.

The changes become more apparent at the back: 3D-printed Inconel exhaust tips and a redesigned air scoop by the ducktail bolster the sound and provide air for the upgraded 4-litre sixpack tuned by Rothsport Racing, which you can now hear at full chat when you're cruising or driving hard. Insides, the seats are just as unique: Gunterwerks says they "designed and developed hollow carbon fiber seat shells" that sit lower in the chassis and has its cushions "applied directly to carbon shell" where an optional 5-point harness can be added into. They really do think of everything, these people?

Price? Well, don't bother, unless you were one of the 25 who placed an order for these Speedsters. The least you can hope for is a diecast replica, which there are quite a number of but is relatively rare even among superpremium brands. Just hope at least one of them runs the Nordschleife or Highway 1 with this.

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Comments (13)

  • Would love to drive it. Would hate to own it.

    *Unpopular opinion alert*

    They could have done better.

      6 days ago
  • 993 for Guntherwerks, 964 for Singer, 930 for RUF.

      5 days ago
  • The rear c-pillar truncation seems abrupt and slapdash, then again that’s what happens when a “restomodder” without proper manufacturing prowess does with a body shell. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      7 days ago
  • Wow that is phenomenal

      7 days ago
    • It's what I imagined a 911 Speedster would look like and somehow GW did a BETTER one.

        7 days ago
    • The choice of rims compliments the body color. It’s very nice. I don’t like the 993 too much but this... this is amazing.

        7 days ago
  • That looks amazing. Futuristic sleek, but still a nice Porsche.

      7 days ago