2​021/22 Hyundai Tucson kills it!!!

T​he competition has to be pissed...

33w ago

I​ mean really, weather you like it or not, this is quite a striking design. Not shy about pushing the enveloppe, and I really think it works. (At least from what I can see on these pictures)

A​nd that interior is fantastic!. Simple. Modern. And classy! Basically the opposite of the current Peugeot SUVs in Europe. This also makes the RAV-4 and CR-V in the US look old. And disjointed.

I​n the US, the main engine will be the 2.5 Liter engine with almost 190HP. Which is basically very similar to all of its competition. At least, there is no CVT...

I​t will also offer a Hybrid, a Plug-in hybrid models. Both using the 1.6 Liter Turbo for a power rating of up to around 230HP.

I​ think Hyundai has a winner here. And probably a best seller. This will be a much more popular model than the curent so-so Tucson. I hear the CR-V, RAV-4 and New Rogue got together recently, and cried when they were told about this...

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  • It looks like a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross to me

      7 months ago