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2022 Kith x BMW M4 Competition

Limited Edition M4 out of 150 will hit the streets.

1y ago

Kith, a streetwear and lifestyle brand based out of New York City (with flagships all over the globe) has teamed up with BMW to unveil a limited run of 2022 BMW M4 Competition models. Ronnie Fieg, Kith founder, took his longtime love of BMW and poured it into personally crafting the design of this M4 Comp x Kith. 150 will be produced, serving both US and overseas markets.

The limited edition M4, coming standard with 503hp and 479lb-ft of torque, will come as a standard factory model, with Kith branding and Fieg’s eye for aesthetic emblazoned throughout. With a twin-turbo 3L V6 and eight-speed transmission, the M4 is a legendary BMW model which serves well on local streets or on the track. With all-wheel drive and driver assist, among others, this M4 is the perfect blend of speed, comfort, and style for the Kith collaboration.

Keeping an eye on the subtleties of the Kith branding, however, we see references to Fieg’s own E30-Gen M3. One of the most striking aspects of this design, though, is the alteration of the classic BMW logo for the first time ever. Hardcore beamer enthusiasts will have a bone to pick, but BMW did so in order to combine the classic round badge with the contemporary Kith logo.

Black leather seats with Kith x BMW embossing give the interior a subtle hit of style. The three striped BMW logo is replace with a three striped Kith logo, which is also found on the carbon fiber roof of the vehicle. As with much of the Kith x BMW apparel collections, red, black, and blue are consistent throughout the design touches of this limited edition.

Ronnie Fieg spoke on his inspiration for the project, saying:

"Some of my favorite memories from growing up came from going to visit my grandfather and riding around in his BMWs in the 1980s. [I] remember he had an E21 320i and that his prized possession was a white E30 M3. These moments in my life really shaped my passion for BMW, so working on this project with them has brought everything full circle."

The Kith x BMW M4 Comp will only be available to purchase in three matted colors – Frozen Brilliant White, Frozen Black, and Frozen Dark Silver – simplicity at its finest, paired with style at its best. The M4 is available for order today, on October 23, 2020, at 11AM EST at BMW.com

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