2022 Mercedes EQS Electric Sedan To Be Unveiled Next Spring

The electric version of the S-Class will arrive in the U.S next summer.

25w ago

Key Points:

1. Mercedes has announced that the EQS will be unveiled next spring.

2. They've also said that it will arrive in the U.S next summer.

3. This will be the first of many electrified versions of existing Mercedes to come.


Many people have given up hope regarding the EQC electric SUV, which was previously said to be the first U.S available EV from Mercedes. Daimler chairman Ola Källenius has now announced that the EQS will be the first EV in the U.S instead. Källenius said that the 2022 EQS will be revealed in the spring of 2021 and should arrive in dealerships in the summer. The EQS is essentially an electrified S-Class that will be joined by electrified A to S-class models.



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  • If the eqc was delivered in Europe, then what is wrong with the American maeket

      5 months ago