21st Century Lotus

    Watch as I try desperately to explain why the Norfolk based sports brand could fall apart in this, our modern world.

    Now let's address the situation here, I love SUVs. I really do I think they are awesome. I also love Lotus. So by this logic (and bear with me here):

    Lotus = Happiness

    SUV = Happiness

    Lotus + SUV = x2 Happiness

    Happiness = Happy Aaron

    x2 Happiness = x2 Happy Aaron (as in doubly happy me not two moderately happy me's)

    So according to the slightly literate based maths, I should be chuffed with all the Lotus SUV renders being thrown around online. It's Sports Car Royalty rising to the SUV game. But as usual, I have fished out an issue.

    You see car makers evolve with time, and for a number of reasons, whether it be to stay afloat on the business side of life, by riding the wave of changing trends. Could be to find a certain aspect of the industry that your brand could excel best in, earning a good name as a result. Or maybe it's just you want to expand your range, almost combining the last two points together. But I have a conflict with this ideology. Because everyone seems to think nowadays that the only way to survive is to be fresh, to be ahead, and to be modern. This kind of thinking goes hand in hand with Lotus in the same way cruise-liners and icebergs go hand in hand. That meaning, they don't.

    And I say this because Lotus screams heritage. It built it's name on old school sports cars that are loved and admired across the world almost singularly for being the best at what they do. And I would imagine, as an observer, that it's quite difficult to find something as a car maker that you do 'best'. I feel that if you look at Rolls Royce for example, they are in a similar boat.

    Rolls Royce don't make hypercars because they are the best at prestige. Bentley are also quite good but they are a sort of sporty luxury. Rolls simply breathe upper class air. Granted, they made an SUV because that was the done thing. But do we recognise them for their stunning and best-in-class Cullinan SUV. I'm pretty sure that's a no. We recognise them for this.

    Ok right, Lotus. This is a Lotus article I swear. What I mean is when you find your place at the top of your market, I believe it's almost an exception to this need to change. Your name is made and now your job is to defend it. Maybe I'm wrong which is why I stress this is an opinion article, and I would like your opinions too, so go ahead and share, provided you finish this first. Basically I don't want a Lotus SUV. Because I appreciate Lotus for their sports cars, and I just think I'd like to keep them there. Not saying the SUV won't be good. It'll probably be great. I suppose my point is I just wish car brands didn't continuously have to choose what to make around what is popular over what they think is cool and fun and good. Hey, that's business though.

    Obviously we will have sports car when the SUV arrives. We too will have sports cars when the new Evija hits the road. That's another thing I'm not too fussed in. I don't really see a place in the industry for a Lotus hypercar but there you go. Then again it's the same with the SUV. I just don't think every brand needs to touch every base when they find one niche which they fit so perfectly.

    I don't know it's a complicated subject, especially when I find myself so conflicted. I just hope these new cars don't cost Lotus a reputation in their sports game, that's all. Because their future is in my opinion, unpredictable. Nonetheless I do look forward to seeing how things play out. Maybe these changes are just a stepping stone in their glorious long-run journey. Time will tell, so let's see what you people think.

    Thank you for reading...


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    Comments (43)

    • I completely agree with you, Aaron!

        1 month ago
    • Interesting. Valid point

        1 month ago
    • I hate SUVs. Burn them. Rape them. Don’t let them infect yet another car company as visceral as Lotus. Please...

        24 days ago
    • I'm not a fan of SUVs with no off-road capability. And Lotus founder Colin Chapman's philosophy was 'simplify and add lightness'. SUVs inherently are NOT light. Therefore the thought of a Lotus SUV disgusts me

        1 month ago
      • Very respectable verdict

          1 month ago
      • Thank you. Imo Lotus should stick with performance only. It's one of the companies I'd hate to start making wagons, let alone SUVs. Lightness is what they have lived and breathed and changing that is frankly sacrilege

          29 days ago
    • I agree (apart from liking SUVs in general, although I can admit they are a lucrative market). Lotus’ least profitable era was in the 1980s-1990s when they stepped away from their old theology (simplify and add lightness) and started to become a bit more luxurious. What saved the company was going back to those old attitudes when they brought out the Elise. I would rather see them make an Elise replacement (there’a nothing wrong with the Elise, but the design has barely changed since 2002) than spend their money making an SUV that’s worse than what’s already on the market in its price range (let’s face it, a luxurious brand like Aston Martin or Bentley are going to make a more attractive SUV than Lotus)

        1 month ago
      • Bang on Sam! I hear we are due some new replacements for the old famous sports cars aswell, but i wud love to see 100% effort gone into them for optimum results. Even a sports saloon wud be awesome!

          1 month ago
      • I agree. I think if they did a sports saloon it would be better to do something like the Carlton though

          1 month ago


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