$2.3 Million road-legal Glickenhaus 007S will have 1400hp

Mr Glickenhaus, please make this happen

James Glickenhaus, founder of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, recently said he has a plan to build a road-legal version of his astounding 'SCG 007' Le Mans hypercar. Glickenhaus said 'all he needs' is 24 orders to make sure he can build the car - each vehicle will priced at $2.3m - and he also added that they will obviously refund customers who've paid a deposit, should the company fail to meet this target.

Glickenhaus wants to prioritize the US because once they manage to make it road legal in North America, it shouldn't be too difficult to make sure it is also road legal in Europe, Japan and the Middle East. The 007S, this is what they're going to call it, features a McLaren F1-style three-seat layout with a central seat and twice the power output (at least 1,400 hp) of the car that's currently competing in the Le Mans Hypercar series, rated at 670 hp.

The 007 hypercar will essentially be a track-focused vehicle that you can also drive on the road and Glickenhaus openly stated that he wants to make sure drivers can complete 100 laps around a track and then drive the car home. If you can afford it, by all means go ahead and place the order.

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