250 GTo hits the open market

The $55 million price tag (£44 million GBP) might raise some eyebrows but why is it on the open market?

John Collins is a man who knows his collectable Ferraris and I guess that if a Ferrari 250 GTO was going to turn up anywhere in the UK odds on it was going to be at Talacrest.

You've got to admire the way in which the car is being offered. In a short video on the Talacrest website Mr.Collins appeals directly to buyers with the required financial firepower to get in touch. youtu.be/6qjA4-V0nME

It's not a car at the end of a telephone that nobody can verify exists....

John Collins
"If you've got the money - come and get it."

"If you've got the money - come and get it."

He's one of a very small number of dealers who would try this very direct approach - no doubt he is trying to dissuade the usual gaggle of brokers, middlemen, chancers and dreamers from wasting his time and convoluting what will already be a transaction of some complexity.

But why is it on the open market? Most of these cars are alleged to be sold in private transactions, out of the spotlight - so why sell it publicly? It's certainly a great PR opportunity and it won't do 250 prices any harm so why not. Let's see how fast it sells - maybe we'll even find out what for.....

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  • No 'like' button but good to see you too Ed!

      4 years ago
  • Good to see you on here Mr Mayhead!

      4 years ago
  • I think you've hit the nail on the head: this is great publicity. £45m is a top-end price for a 250 GTO, and I'd be very surprised if it got ear this at auction, so there's not much risk for the seller. Plus, everyone gets to see that Talacrest have managed to arrange another 250 GTO sale. Good on them.

      4 years ago