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3w ago

Hello everyone! This time round, we're trying something different and as you may have worked out from the title, it's all about bids and 250 Tribecoins.

Let me explain...

You may already be familiar with Cars and bids, an online bidding interface where the motoring enthusiast can get their hands on a cool, modern, and engaging new set of wheels. With a clean display, easy-to-use interface, and a detailed description of every car going up on the site, Cars and bids offers a trusty bidding experience coupled to loads of entertaining scenarios even to the non-bidding public. At this point, I need to go through a quick disclaimer: As much as a regular viewer of Cars and bids, I don't write this post targeting any kind of advertising of the site and also get that others may not enjoy the same opportunities it offers quite as much. I am simply using this website as faithful support to this competition. And now that's out of the way, time to meet the car in question.

This competition's car:

The car shown on the post's cover is a 1986 Citroen CX 25 Prestige Turbo. It is said to be "the last proper Citroen up to the present day" as it blends comfort, style, and technology with unique French quirkiness like very few other cars on the road. At the time, the CX showed off the very best French car manufacturers could come up with. From an aesthetic point of view, the sloping roofline and the abundant use of glass gave the CX a truly futuristic look while inside, quirky features kept on coming: Most obviously, the one-spoke steering wheel meant looking at your gauge cluster was made easier and so was driving around tight turns. Upfront, you also got an early version of today's trip computers and space for the rear occupants remains sumptuous even by modern standards.

The rules:

Starting as soon as this post launches, 8:00 am British time, you have 48 hours to come up with a guess of how much this Citroen CX will go for on Cars and bids. In other terms, you're going to have to guess the final bid this French quirky car sells for in a weeks time. To do that, it's as simple as commenting below an amount of money (in dollars) you're confident in. Once you've dropped that comment, there is no coming back. Every answer will be verified multiple times to check no modifications are made to any comment and you only get one go at it. Entries for the competition ends on Monday the 19th at 8:00 am British time zone. The auction on the site began Wednesday evening around 5:00 pm on Cars and Bids and is set to end a week from then. Only then will we encounter the result of this competition and only then will I be able to nominate a glorious winner. The person who gets closest to the final bid gets the promised 250 Tribecoins. However, if at least one other comment gets as close to the final result as another, the candidates will then each receive 50 Tribecoins.

Get ready

As soon as you've made it to this point of the article and read through all of the rules, you may consult the Cars and Bids page on which the CX is being auctioned live thanks to the following link and then, get commenting. Good luck, the results will be posted in a weeks time.



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  • $18,900

      23 days ago
  • $15,860

      23 days ago
  • 14,250.00

    I love this website, a day does not pass Without me peeping what’s going on. It’s incredible what some cars sell for.

      23 days ago
  • $14,924

      23 days ago
  • USD 11,000

      23 days ago