- A​ Giulia Quadrifoglio estate I rendered in sub 30 seconds.

250 Tribecoin Competition! Can you render in 30 seconds?

H​ow good are you at rendering under time pressure?

14w ago

R​ecently on Drivetribe, I have noticed a lot more people trying their hands at rendering. So I thought I'd make a competition out of it. There are many who are extremely talented at doing so. But instead of just a boring render competition, I thought of a new idea. How good are you at rendering in under 30 seconds? This is an exciting twist on the traditional rendering competitions. So what does it take to enter? Read the rules below carefully.

H​ow do I enter?

I​'ll run through a few rules:

1​. You must submit a video as evidence. The only way the video can be edited is to crop out any personal information that may be included in the video. The video should prefferably be a screen recording.

2​. You can use any rendering site you please. I recommend Pixlr X for beginners. I will link it later on in the article.

3​. Any videos you find on the internet can't be used. Trust me, I'll know.

4​. You may submit your video entry in a separate post but make sure you tag me in the post's comment section so I can acknowledge it as an entry.

5​. You may not take longer than 30 seconds for your render. The video may exceed this length as I will time it based on when the first action starts to the last action.

6​. You are allowed multiple attempts but you can only submit one and can't edit your submission after it is submitted.

7​. The deadline for entries is Saturday 8th May at 12pm GMT.

How will the winner be judged?

I​ will judge the winner personally based on how clean the render is, realism and originality.

W​ill there be a prize?

I​ will throw in a sum of tribecoin for the winner if their are over 10 entries.

H​ow do I render that quickly?

H​ere's a few tips I have compiled on how to render in short periods of time.

M​ost renders will take at least 20 minutes for a beginner so doing a render in 40 times less time may seem daunting. It is very easily possible though so here are some things that I find helpful.

1​. Don't try and make a whole new car, maybe change a cars' bodystyle etc.

2​. Use liquify tool to do so. This distorts an image in a direction chosen by you. Set it's size to at least 100 to make things easier.

3​. Use a lower quality image. This will mean that mistakes you make or oversights (there will be a lot in 30 seconds) will be less obvious to the eye. By that I mean about 600x400 pixels to about 1200x1800 pixels.

I​n the above example I have used a low resolution image, changed the bodystyle of a car and used liquify tool to do so.

T​hat's all folks! Can't wait to see what you guys can do!

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