- O​liver art courtesy of DriveTribe tee shirt design.

2​50 Tribecoin Competition: Make A Haiku About Oliver

To prepare for Hammond's Workshop, write the best haiku that you can about everyone's favorite little Opel...

5w ago

H​aiku's have a way of making the mundane muse worthy, the complex simple, and, as illustrated by James May, are not very effective at summing up 3 months of living in Japan.

That said, a car is quite capable of being summed up by a haiku, so if you wish to be entered to win 250 tribecoin, all you need to do is comment down below a haiku (which is comprised of three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables) about Oliver, the Opel Kadett. That is all you need to do to enter! A winner will be picked in the next couple of weeks by me.

Hint: watch Our Man In Japan for haiku inspiration.

Lastly, h​ere is me setting the bar quite low for the rest of you:

O​h little Opel

S​o stock and standard you are

N​o crate V8 Please

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Comments (61)

  • Not all love is good

    It's a boring old Opel


      1 month ago
  • Just a reminder

    Haiku’s are five seven five

    Make your poems count

      1 month ago
  • an Opel so small

    with 4 speed transmission

    what a beauty you are!

      1 month ago
  • Hammond's favorite

    Oliver is amazing

    Beautiful machine

      1 month ago
  • The wee Oliver

    Revered, repaired, restored now

    'Tis more than a car!

      1 month ago