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I think it's safe to say that the Drive Tribe community rose to the occasion for this Tribecoin Competition with an explosion of entries within the first 24 hours alone. Since then, there has been a steady stream of entries which meant that choosing a winner was going to prove difficult. So with that in mind, the runner up places for this competition will be receiving 10 juicy Tribecoins each with second place getting 20 as well as the winner receiving the even juicer sum of 250 Tribecoins. So without further ado, let's take a look at the runner ups and if you made it onto that list...

9th Place - Sharon Dunsford

"A flying honey badger with a cape made from a German flag."

A solid way to start this list off, it definitely made me smirk.

8th Place - Dan Wyatt

"A picture of Mrs Geri Horner in *THAT* dress from the '97 Brit Awards."

If you don't get it, have a quick Google, I'll wait. When you've seen it, I think you'll agree it's an amusing idea, especially given that Cyril is French AND when you consider how amusing his and Christian Horner's relationship would be like after - would definitely make for a funny part of next season's 'Drive to Survive'.

7th Place - Colin Woods

"A honey badger going for his groin."

We might not get to see it if it happens, but knowing that it would be there would definitely put a smile on everyone's faces. Plus, imagine having to explain that to someone who sees it and doesn't know why it's there.

6th Place - Robert Percy

"A honey badger in Ricciardo's Renault gear on the third step of the podium with other animals on the first and second place steps representing Lewis and Max. All three of the animals downing a bottle of champagne as well."

This would be a massive tattoo that would probably take up a lot of Cyril's torso or back. But again, we'd love to see it happen. Cyril definitely wouldn't forget the podium if he got this tattoo.

5th Place - James Smyth

"Literally just that picture of Daniel with his helmet on backwards tattooed on his face."

If you take a scroll through the comments on the Competition article, you'll find the picture he means if you don't know which one it is already. I think it'd make for an amusing tattoo and is the perfect demonstration for how far Ricciardo has come.

4th Place - Joe McCormick

"He should get a tattoo on his ankle, saying 'remove shoe, add champagne' with an arrow facing downwards and a bottle of champagne next to it!"

This one was quite popular amongst everyone and I quite like it too. A very novel tattoo idea in that it's instructions but the best kind of instructions. It would be a subtle tribute and again, would make everyone smirk when they see Cyril because they know it's there.

3rd Place - Jesse Billington

"Honey Badger (an actual one) in lederhosen doing a shoey."

For the fun factor alone, I love this one. Every time I picture it, it just cracks me up. It's the kinda thing you wouldn't be surprised at if Daniel chose it. Love it.

2nd - Ellie-May Taylor

"Runny honey oozing off a honey dipper to make the shape of the NΓΌrburgring track."

This one gets the runner up spot because it's a very satisfying image. Some say it's even an elegant idea and that initially, real honey should be used...

Either way, I think it'd be an awesome tribute to Ricciardo's podium whilst also making a great conversation starter for when people see it.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for - the winner of the 250 Tribecoin Competition...

1st Place - John Van Hinsberg

"Red Bull logo on his neck"

It's a simple idea but for me, it's a winner. Ricciardo famously, and shockingly, left Red Bull to join Renault where he then had to wait until nearly the end of his time with the team to score his first podium with them. On top of that, the rivalry between Red Bull Team Principle Christian Horner and Renault Team Principle Cyril Abiteboul has been particularly noteworthy over the past couple of years - so getting this tattooed onto his neck would be hilarious. Whether or not Ricciardo decides to be this cruel remains to be seen - he still might come up with something worse. But for now, we can all have a good laugh picturing this.

Congratulations to all the runners up and to John Van Hinsberg for the winning entry you'll find some new and polished Tribecoins in your possession shortly.

Think you could have come up with a better tattoo idea than any on this list? Let me know - and any other thoughts you have on this article - in the comments below.

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