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260-BHP Mini Cooper S

43w ago


260BHP (194KW), 400NM (295ftlb). Welcome to the re-mapped F56 Mini Cooper S, my Cooper S. So slyly I booked in a re-map about 3 weeks ago, having grown slightly bored with the 192bhp I currently had on offer from the BMW 2 litre turbo power unit. However, before you scream at your electronic device, this was the plan all along. To buy the less powerful car but with a higher spec than its bigger brother the JCW, which has 230 angry horses under its bonnet. So now nearly a year on, and one hell of a journey it’s had a stage one re-map and blimey is it quick.

Smooth. It has thankfully retained its smooth power delivery, which I love. Unlike the only other re-mapped car I’ve ever been in which has loads of turbo lag, the re-map on this keeps the torque line nice and smooth. From around 2000 RPM you have all of the torque available to use, until it starts to trail off at around 4250 RPM. Horsepower wise the pickup point is at around 1500 RPM, compared to 1250 RPM before the re-map. Peak power is delivered at 6000 RPM, exactly the same as before the remap. This means unless the road is wet, there is no torque steer to speak of. Thus, retaining excellent drivability, what I think all Mini fans love about there cars.

Fuel economy wise I’m looking at an average of 34.5 MPG, only slightly down on what it was before, which was mid 35 MPG. Funnily enough whilst driving my diesel transit van the other day (a 67 plate), that has an average MPG of 37 MPG. This was a massive surprise, as my 2-litre turbo petrol guzzler according to those eco-ists is only slightly less economical than a euro-6 van.

Not really sure in the point of this article other than to say that I’ve had a Re-map and to keep you guys and gals updated. Thanks for reading these ‘articles’ it means a lot. Be sure to check out my Instagram to see more updates to the mini the link will be below.

Carl Llewellyn.