268˚ CAMs

TechtonicsTuning 268˚ hydraulic racing cams

3y ago


Winter is here. The car is in the garage, probably through the cold season. But these cams sit, chomping at the bit to be used.

The plan is to spend a weekend opening things up, installing, then enjoying feeling the difference.

Techtonics Tuning 268˚ Hydraulic Racing cams

Techtonics Tuning 268˚ Hydraulic Racing cams

I spent a good part of a year deciding what to upgrade while filling in the interior/exterior holes. Do I drop a Garrett GT turbo in immediately - definitely a good start - or do I get to know and understand this power? I decided to go with option 2, and bought these and have other plans going the NA route. But who knows... Garrett might be getting a call.

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  • These cams a good option to use with forced induction aswell?

      3 years ago