$2.7 Million Apollo Intensa Emozione Spotted And It Sounds Brutal

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From the ashes of the Apollo Gumpert, and the never made Apollo Arrow, rises the very real and very menacing Apollo Intensa Emozione. The footage linked below isn't of some over produced, glitzy high end reveal, with hors d'oeuvres and yachts. Instead it's handheld phone footage on some dark street, of a very expensive car doing what very expensive cars do well. This video is proof that the $2.7 million Apollo Intensa Emozione, even though there is only one of them for now, is very real Here are some quick facts:

6.3-liter naturally aspirated V-12

780 HP and 560 lb-ft of torque

Revs to 9,000 RPM

Sequential 6-speed gearbox

At 300 KPH it produces 1,350 kg of downforce

1,250 kg curb weight

0-100 KPH (0-62 MPH) in 2.7 seconds

€2,300,000 or $2,700,000

Only 10 available

What is so special about the Apollo Intensa Emozione (IE for short) is the philosophy behind the car. When all the car manufacturers, exclusive or not, are resorting to turboed powerplants and hybrid drivetrains, the Apollo has stuck to a more iconoclastic approach of large, naturally aspirated engines. The decision to use a Hewland sequential 6-speed gearbox also cements the idea that the IE is a serious performance car, less chauffeuring starlets and more Ferrari and Lamborghini slaying on the track. You wouldn't want to hear straight cut gears while driving around town would you?

If the oversized V12 heart doesn't yet raise an eyebrow, then perhaps the blisteringly light 1,250 kg (2,756 lbs) will. The acres upon acres (we're guessing here) of carbon fiber weave make up the entirety of the IE's shell. The body, the doors, the shark-fin like spoiler, the diffuser, the canards, and the canards' canards are all made of the lightweight and very high strength material. Beyond what you see on the surface is how the aerodynamics will work at very high speeds, and they must have done something right as the weight of the IE is more than doubled at the magical 300 KPH velocities.

The IE is a legitimate race car made for the streets, and we can't wait to see more of it as it gets delivered to the customers.

Source: Apollo

Source: Apollo

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