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271mph - The World's Fastest Road-Legal Bike

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We've been big fans of BigCC racing and the works of owner Sean Mills for a few years now, ever since he let us regularly borrow his dyno and drink his tea at his base in Wokingham, Surrey.

He's had some seriously big power from Turbo bikes, and is world-renowned as the go-to-guy for mega power. His recent 'project pisstake' (designed for drag racing, hence the shape) pushed 1000bhp on the dyno!

It's not what you'd call a practical bike though, so Sean set about creating a fully road-legal version with hopes of getting near the 1000bhp mark.

At the weekend, the team at BigCC wheeled out their road-legal Hayabusa at Elvington Airfield near York and went for it. Really, really went for it.

You can see the pilot, Phi Wood, having to back off in top gear as the Hayabusa flaps about, presumably still spinning that back wheel. Utter madness.

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After the world-record breaking run, made by rider Phil Wood (who presumably was slowed slightly by his massive balls of steel) Sean said:

"A little history today with a road legal motorcycle ! Congratulations to Phil Wood on first a 266mph pass & secondly 271.821mph recorded pass in the flying quarter.

The flying quarter was started at the standing mile start position but using the average speed of the final quarter mile. That means the bike averaged 271.821 mph over a distance of 402.3 metres to get the 1 way record within the standing 1 mile.

Big thanks to our co sponsors Steelheart Engineering & BTC- Moto for their support"

Phil on the left - owner and builder Sean on the right

All that's left to say is, Sean - Gissa go!

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Comments (8)
  • Strangely, it doesn't surprise me that a modded Hayabusa can do that.

    Truth be told, I tipped the 100mph only a very few times in all the years I've been riding - just to do it. They were stock sports motorcycles. Quite frankly, there's a line between "riding", and "holding on for dear life". I prefer "riding".

    12 days ago
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  • 435km/hr that s freakly fast especially in a short distance like that.

    2 months ago
    2 Bumps
    • In a car thats ridiculous.... Can you imagine yourself on a bike doing that 😶.....there's a fine line of sanity with that man lol

      1 month ago
      1 Bump
    • I can’t even imagine 271mph. I’ve been 100mph less than that on a bike and it’s pretty scary.

      28 days ago


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