2JZ Engine – How it works

Is it the greatest engine of all time?

There is always a pretty heated debate as to what the greatest engine of all time is. If you purely look at an engine's versatility, the 2JZ must be the engine king. Due to a gentleman's agreement, all the Japanese manufacturer's agreed not to make cars with over 280HP. This lead to a lot of over-engineered engines with great potential to modify.

The 2JZ was built so well, it could be modified to produce huge amounts of horsepower without having to replace very much of the stock parts at all.

Those fellows down at Donut Media have made a lovely video explaining everything you every need to know on the legendary 2JZ, which you can watch below:

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Comments (31)

  • RB26dett

      2 years ago
  • Definetely mazdas rotarys

      2 years ago
  • RB26DETT

      2 years ago
  • You ever heard about the 1.9TDI PD „the best engine VW ever made“ also that’s what the engineers of VW said! I think it the 2 JZ of the diesel inline 4‘s

      2 years ago
  • Maybe best I6 along with the RB30 but in terms of modifying the N/A V12 in the aventador can get the most power

      2 years ago