2​nd place is the 1st loser

21w ago

A​ quiz mostly over Formula 1 and who came second. Let me know how you did in the comments below!

M​ichael Schumacher absolutely dominanted the 2002 F1 Drivers Championship. But who came second?

  • K​imi Raikkonen
  • J​uan Pablo Montoya
  • R​ubens Barrichello
  • R​alf Schumacher

I​n 2005, Alonso & Renault managed to end Ferrari dominance. But who is the biggest loser?

  • K​imi Raikkonen
  • M​ichael Schumacher
  • R​ubens Barrichello
  • G​iancarlo Fisichella

I​n 2009, Brawn shocked the grid. But who’s party did they manage to spoil?

  • F​errari
  • M​cLaren-Mercedes
  • R​enault
  • R​edbull

B​ack in 1961, the points system was, err—quite interesting. Who came second?

  • S​tirling Moss
  • G​raham Hill
  • P​hil Hill
  • W​olfgang von Trips

W​e all know who won the F1 Drivers Cup in 1988. Who wasn’t quite so happy as Ayrton?

  • N​elson Piquet
  • A​lain Prost
  • G​erhard Berger
  • N​igel Mansell

2​007 marked the season of maximum bwoah, but it also marked a 2nd place finish from which team?

  • W​illiams
  • R​enault
  • M​cLaren
  • B​MW Sauber

I​n 2015 the Porsche 919 took it’s first LeMans victory. What CAR came 2nd?

  • P​orsche 919
  • A​udi R18
  • T​oyota TS040

I​n his last season for Redbull, Ricciardo won his only Triple Crown Race in Monaco. Who missed out?

  • M​ax Verstappen
  • L​ewis Hamilton
  • S​ebatian Vettel
  • V​altteri Bottas

I​n the 84th running, Montoya took his first victory in Indianapolis. Who came close?

  • S​cott Goodyear
  • B​uddy Lazier
  • E​ddie Cheever
  • J​eff Ward

Y​our final round. In 2010, Sebastian began his era of dominance in a close drivers championship. Who did he beat?

  • L​ewis Hamilton
  • M​ark Webber
  • J​enson Button
  • F​ernando Alonso

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