3 Big projects

Well I have lots to do on this thing! The current projects are as follows; operation front splitter is still underway, I am fabbing up a solid mount system for it so it actually functions as it should. it will be attached to the bumper as well the chassis. I have cut provisions into the splitter for the radiator vents as well as the for the brake ducts. Next is the Porsche Motorsports electric power steering pump. I am still waiting on some AN fittings to come in that are on back order. I still have to fab a mount for it. I will be putting it in place of the CD changer in the frunk. The last of the large projects is transforming the interior from peanut butter to black. Which is definitely the one I am lease confident about but I will get it done!

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  • Looks good so far! How much did it come out to?

      1 year ago