3 forgotten 4X4's no longer sold in America

Three sadly forgotten offroaders that are no longer sold in the American Market

5w ago

1. Isuzu VehiCROSS

often, blamed for being the reason Isuzu left the North American market. the Isuzu VehiCROSS, that's how it's actualy spelt "VehiCROSS" for some reason? was Isuzu's attempt to make a unique and new offroader, for people who wanted an offroader but didn't really want something hard core like a jeep or land cruiser. because of Isuzu's lack of brand recognition and heritige as it's competitors. to be honest it wasn't really logical to buy one in the first place. it was a neiche car so the community and modfactions avable where slim when compared to something like a wrangler. it was very impractical because of its 2 doors and tiny backs seats, and not to mention the fact that the rear visabulity was absolutly terrible because of its rear mounted spare tire. it's no wonder why the VehiCROSS was such a Failure for Isuzu.

2. Suzuki Samurai (Jimny)

this vehicle is both forgotten and very underrated, it's the Suzuki Jimny or "samurai" as it's called in America is the little economy car that could go anywhere. im not kidding, just search up "Suzuki Samurai off road" and you see this little car crawling its way throught the toughest terrain imagineable. Due to its lack of size, the little Jimny could sneek into places most other offroaders couldn't. this vehicle is only really known to people in the offroading community and most normal people who reconize it for the wrong reason. The popular magizine Consumer Reports famously flip the samurai several times, diminishing the little offroaders reputation in america. Which eventually led to it be canceled all togather.

3. Diahatsu Rocky

In an attemt to introduce the auto manufactuer Diahatsu into the american market. The Rocky and a little economy car called the "Charade" where officaly brought into the US in 1987. Because of it's simularity to the Suzuki Samurai, It suffered from the same stigma of being very tippable. The Brand Diahatsu was very Unfermiular with americans and lack of recognition of Relibulity that other Japanese automakers had. Caused poor sales and eventually Diahatsu leaving the American market completely.

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