3 idiots storm event last night

It was great to meet so many talented and enthusiastic Tribe Leaders at last night's glittering gala DriveTribe event. Competition winners from across the motoring spectrum congregated in glamorous Fulham to challenge us three buffoons with their questions and champion their own, flourishing tribes.

Tiny beef burgers were distributed amongst the happy crowd along with free booze - a factor that may have influenced some of the happiness - and the atmosphere was heady with motoring enthusiasm in all its forms. Wandering through the mass of chattering petrolheads and picking up threads of conversation about racing, crashing, rally cars, vintage cars, future cars, old motorcycles, new motorcycles, roads, tracks, salt flats and supercars was genuinely dizzying; like a teenager's first music festival.

Congratulations to all the competition winners, thanks for coming and I look forward to watching all of your tribes and every other tribe over the coming months. Let's do it again some time.

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  • #smalltribesrule

    1 year ago
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  • Gutted missed it but my two pen'ath is that the old lady would be more interesting for lap times. I'd selfishly love to see you three have a challenge where you have to use cars around in your birth years!! Think it might be amusing. X (wonder if you guys have someone reading these?????)

    1 year ago
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