3 minutes of Batmobile's hunt

20w ago
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- Real Racing 3

1973 was the time when America was shocked by seeing two airbags in a car, and germany was shocked by seeing an unearthly 'batmobile looking' machine, called the BMW 3.0 CSL. The BMW 3.0 CSL was the combination of words you looked for if you didn't knew the meaning obliteration. It's sole purpose was to kill the competition and the [200+ HP] M30 6 cylinder engine was the magnificent piece of engineering used to serve the purpose on a golden platter. The recipe of putting a car on diet and then giving it proper proteins proved to be victorious as it won 6 European touring car championships and LeMans. Out of the 1,265 3.0 CSLs [Homologation specials] made more than 800 were were sold with detached wings kept in the boot since they were illegal on German soil. Summing it up all together the 3.0 CSL wearing the M performance colours looks and moves like a Batmobile, in real life and in Real Racing 3!

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